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Mental Health and ASD Tele-Monitoring

Autism ECHO for mental health uses video conferencing to create a knowledge network among mental health providers around Autism Spectrum Disorders. Sessions are 60 minutes and include didactics and case presentations aimed at improving supports and interventions for clients with ASD and co-occurring mental health concerns. It also provides troubleshooting to mental health providers in operating with increased independence and self-efficacy.

Sessions begin Friday, April 9th, from 12-1pm and run every other week for 8 sessions


Mental health providers looking to increase capacity for serving clients with Autism Spectrum Disorders and co-occurring mental health concerns


  • Neuro diversity & Comorbidities
  • Building Bridges with Self-Advocates
  • Adapting CBT
  • Working with Patients who are Minimally Verbal
  • Adapting Treatment Planning
  • Parent-mediated Interventions
  • Safety & Crisis Management
  • Medication & Community Resources

Session Structure

  • Introductions
  • Case Study
  • Didactic on a Specific Topic
  • Advocate Reflection
  • Questions

Introductory Videos to Autism Spectrum Disorders, Mental Health, and Systems Navigation

ASD and Mental Health:

Navigating Systems of Care for Autism and Mental Health

ASD: An Overview for Mental Health Providers

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