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Our Leadership

As Strong Memorial Hospital’s leadership team, our priority is to ensure that our patients and families have the highest quality care and the best possible health care experience. We strive to recruit the brightest and finest clinical and support staff to provide the most advanced, patient-centered medical care. Collectively, our team offers decades of experience at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

All of our leadership offices are centrally located inside the hospital to ensure that we’re well integrated with the ebb and flow of hospital life. In our ongoing pursuit to deliver exceptional patient care each and every day, we welcome and encourage your feedback. Please feel free to email or call us.

Steven I. GoldsteinSteven I. Goldstein

President & Chief Executive Officer

Office Phone: (585) 275-7685

Steven Goldstein directs all aspects of Strong Memorial Hospital’s operations and leads the effort to prepare the health care system to succeed in a managed care environment. He also directs all of the managed care activities at Strong and the University of Rochester Medical Center’s affiliates.

Michael J. Apostolakos, M.DMichael J. Apostolakos, M.D

Chief Medical Officer

Office Phone: (585) 275-4786

Michael Apostololakos is board certified in Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine. As Strong Memorial Hospital’s CMO he serves as the liaison between the medical staff and administration. He is responsible for coordinating patient care and safety.

Kathy Parrinello, R.N., Ph.D.Kathy Parrinello, R.N., Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President

Office Phone: (585) 275-4605

Kathy Parrinello is responsible for Strong Memorial Hospital’s day-to-day operations with particular emphasis on hospital programs as well as patient and clinical support services.

Carrie SpencerCarrie Fuller Spencer, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Office Phone: (585) 275-3033

Carrie Fuller Spencer monitors financial matters relating to Strong Memorial Hospital and its affiliates.

Karen KeadyKaren Keady, PhD, RN, NEA-BC

Chief Nursing Executive and Vice President

Office Phone: (585) 273-3899

Karen Keady is Strong Memorial Hospital’s senior nurse and oversees a department of over 5,000 nurses, support staff and respiratory therapists.

Robert J. Panzer, M.D.Robert J. Panzer, M.D.

Chief Quality Officer & Associate Vice President

Office Phone: (585) 273-4438

Robert Panzer leads Strong Memorial Hospital’s quality assurance, clinical practice evaluation, quality, and safety improvement initiatives.