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For CPE Applicants

Founded in 1971, the Clinical Pastoral Education Program (CPE) is accredited by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE). Clinical Pastoral Education is interfaith professional education that helps students to learn and improve their ministry and spiritual care skills. Our program provides multifaith ministry in a manner that is sensitive and respectful to different cultures, religious practices, and belief systems. Read more details about our specific CPE Programs.

Accredited through:

ACPE: The Standard for Spiritual Care and Education
1 Concourse Pkwy, Suite 800
Atlanta, GA 30328

CPE Application

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer spiritual care, consultation, and education to patients, families, staff, students, and the community with compassion and respect for many paths of healing, faith, and growth.

Our Philosophy

Our program is based on the belief that human beings are not only physical but spiritual and emotional beings. We believe that health care is most effective when consideration is given to all of the factors that embody the patient, their physical illness, their struggles, and their resources including family, religious beliefs, and cultural values.


We welcome, encourage, and support individuals who contribute to and benefit from our mission of teaching, patient care, and community service. Our chaplains represent diverse cultural and faith traditions.


For more than 50 years, the CPE Program at the University of Rochester Medical Center has provided a unique learning experience for Chaplaincy students. Here are just some of the major turning points in our rich history:

  • 1971—The Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Program is established between the University of Rochester Medical Center and Colgate-Rochester Divinity School. Provisional accreditation occurs.
  • 1978—Accreditation received by the ACPE to offer programs of Basic and Supervisory CPE.
  • 1979—Chaplaincy Services is granted department status.
  • 1981—ACPE site visit affirms URMC as an excellent setting for Supervisory CPE.
  • 1985—A Chaplaincy Advisory Committee is organized to interpret the work of the department and promote relations with the hospital and religious community.
  • 1990—The Chaplaincy Advisory Committee is merged into the Professional Consultation Committee.
  • 1997—The Chaplaincy Services Department begins providing Chaplaincy Services at Highland Hospital.
  • 1999—Approval is granted from URMC Administration to provide a CPE Residency Program.