TIDES: Transforming-Culture with Inclusion, Diversity and Equity in Surgery

Rochester is the home of Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony, two of the most important historical leaders in the abolition of slavery and the suffragist movement in the mid-9th century.  Based on this history, the URMC Department of Surgery aims to deliver culturally competent clinical care and nurture a climate of belonging for all individuals from every race, ethnicity, religion/creed, color, ability, sexual identity or expression, and veteran status. 

As we collectively recognize the importance of Transforming-Culture with Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity in Surgery (TIDES), we must acknowledge the long-term nature of the commitment required of our department and all its members. This complex work demands leadership, commitment, resources, and resilience over time.

The Department of Surgery operates on all applicable nondiscrimination laws in administrating its policies, programs, research, clinical care, and activities. However, as a department, we understand that we must go beyond to transform the diversity, equity, and inclusion culture across our activities and training. We must be innovative and go beyond our walls and the operations rooms to understand and better serve our communities.