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Kidney Stone Treatment Center

ESWL Machine for kidney stone treatmentThe Kidney Stone Treatment Center at the University of Rochester Medical Center has served the needs of our local community and has been a regional resource for western New York for over 20 years.

Patients with acute stone disease episodes can suffer severe pain and sometimes become acutely ill. This necessitates numerous visits to doctors’ offices and many hours spent in busy, crowded emergency rooms before a definitive treatment plan can be developed.

Our center has the latest technology for noninvasive as well as surgical treatment of
kidney stones. This includes two ESWL machines, which, due to recent advances, can now treat bariatric patients that previously could not be accommodated.

We offer immediate treatment to patients having acute stone disease episodes. Our goal is to help patients avoid unnecessary pain and suffering from renal colic and to help the medical community by facilitating evaluation and treatment without delay for these patients. Click below to watch a short video on the Kidney Stone Treatment Center at URMC.

Consultation for patients with kidney stones can now be made 24 hours per day with a simple phone call: 1-877-51-STONE (78663). Our expert medical staff, including board-certified physicians, nurses and lithotripsy technologists are available to answer your questions and can make recommendations for treatment or referrals.