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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why can't I see the editor tools to edit my page?
A: You must check out a page before you can edit it.
Q: When I navigate to my page in Kentico and click "Check out," a different page is checked out. What happened?
A: First, make sure that the document you wish to edit is selected in the content tree before clicking "Check out." Kentico will only check out pages selected in the content tree, not pages you navigate to in CMS Desk.
Q. When I preview my changes and then click on a link on the preview page, I get an “access denied” error. What gives?
A. By design, the internal links on a preview page will not work. This is because a preview is meant to be only temporary. Note that links to non-URMC (external) websites will work on a preview page.
Q. What happens to the documents under a parent document if I delete the parent?
A. When you delete the parent document, all children documents that live under it will also be deleted. Kentico will not give you a warning. To preserve the child documents, move them up in the content tree before deleting the parent.
Q. How do I remove a style or heading?
A. To remove a style, place your cursor anywhere on the text where the style is displaying, then go under the "Style" pulldown menu and choose the style again. This acts like a toggle. To remove a heading, place your cursor in the heading, go under the "Normal" pulldown, and select "normal."