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Strategic Plan

Nearly 100 years ago, the University of Rochester Medical Center was founded as an institution where the principles of modern science applied to human disease would lead to excellence in the clinical practice of medicine.

Today, we are proud to be among the nation’s elite academic health care systems. Yet maintaining this status requires a creative, sure-footed response to tectonic shifts in the ways we learn, investigate, and deliver patient care.

Our ambitions are distilled into our Strategic Plan’s five aspirational goals:

  • Be upstate New York’s health network of choice.
  • Be a preeminent biomedical research institution.
  • Be a preeminent educational institution.
  • Be the preferred destination for faculty, staff, and learners.
  • Generate financial resources to thrive and enable support of URMC and UR Strategic Plans.

To achieve these goals, we have set clear, cross-mission, multi-year priorities that guide the investment of our attention and resources. Heading the list…

  1. Wilmot Cancer Institute will claim a place among the nation’s foremost cancer institutes. Our highest priority is to grow Wilmot’s academic and clinical programs, culminating in the awarding of National Cancer Institute Cancer Center designation.
  2. We will transform our emergency and inpatient facilities with the construction of new facilities that meet the technology, privacy, infection control and access needs of our patients and their families. This historic investment in facilities and technology will create the ideal practice setting for faculty, staff and learners.
  3. We will open an outpatient orthopaedics campus to meet burgeoning demand for musculoskeletal treatment. The UR Medicine Orthopaedics and Physical Performance Center will be one of the nation’s most comprehensive ambulatory orthopaedics facilities by 2023.
  4. The Del Monte Neuroscience Institute will build on our national leadership in neuroscience through its recent designation by NIH as an Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center. Here, we are unlocking the secrets to conditions such as autism, Batten disease, and Rett syndrome.
  5. We have committed to eliminating racism, division and exclusion. We are building the infrastructure, training, outreach, and facilities to capture diverse talent, grow a culturally humble workforce, and engage in anti-racist health care delivery.


​What does success look like in 2025?