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URMC Strategic Plan 2020-2024

For nearly a decade, the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) has been guided by an evolving, five-goal strategic plan that leverages its teaching, research, and patient care missions to build the University of Rochester’s national reputation. The plan acknowledges tectonic shifts in academic health care, and builds pathways to growth and stability. These pathways now provide an advantage for meeting daunting challenges exacerbated by the COVID pandemic and underscored by social change in our country and beyond. In fact, the former 2015-1020 strategic plan’s original themes are as relevant as ever: expand and transform our health care delivery system, create an inclusive culture, build programs of excellence that span research, education and clinical care, and accomplish all of this while maintaining fiscal discipline.

​What does success look like in 2025?

Our ambitions are distilled into our Strategic Plan’s five aspirational and achievable goals:

  • Optimize UR Medicine’s value by enhancing quality outcomes and improving cost-effectiveness for all patients, regardless of race, gender, gender identity, etc.
  • Explore partnerships that build scale and strengthen our ability to carry out our tripartite missions. 
  • Leverage digital platforms to bring care to the patient and better satisfy patient expectations for access and convenience. 
  • Bolster our health care delivery system by investing in our clinical workforce with vigorous recruitment, wellness and career development initiatives in an environment of cultural humility that is inclusive and equitable.


  • Increased access to providers
  • Increased engagement and satisfaction
  • Increased use of digital resources
  • High quality care and outcomes
  • Innovative care delivery models
  • Decreased total cost of care
  • Increased resources to invest in the tripartite mission
  • Gain NCI designation with the UR Medicine Wilmot Cancer Center.
  • Enhance and expand dry and wet lab research facilities and space.
  • Support faculty development and retention, with an eye toward using cluster recruitment to achieve greater equity and inclusion.
  • Launch new cross-campus Programs of Excellence in Aging, Human Health and Environment, Health Equity research, and Vision Restoration.
  • Increase nursing research in aging and cancer.
  • Grow clinical trials portfolio to raise URMC’s national profile.


  • Increase cancer research funding and gain NCI designation
  • Increase funding per investigator
  • Gain distinctive grants, awards and (inter)national invitations
  • Greater participation in impactful clinical trials
  • Develop educational partnerships at UR that facilitate student participation in master degree and certificate programs.
  • Open an undergraduate dental dual-degree program with PhD or master’s degree.
  • Transform and innovate nursing education to meet growing health and workforce demands and attract students from a broader, more diverse region.
  • Teach graduate medical education learners to generate and use data to spot and address inequalities in care within their own practices.
  • Continue to develop a supportive environment for learners that dovetails with the Programs of Excellence to attract and retain top students.
  • Develop technology partnerships that expose learners to leading edge innovations.


  • Cross-campus partnerships formed
  • Undergraduate dental dual-degree program opens
  • Attract and retain the best and brightest learners from a myriad of backgrounds
  • Graduate clinicians and scientists best prepared to positively impact the community and the world’s health and wellness.
  • Develop a URMC-wide program focused on enhancing the well-being and resiliency of our people.
  • Increase diversity in admissions and hiring, and ensure retention and advancement.
  • Strive to make care accessible and equitable to all individuals and cultures.


  • Increase employee satisfaction and opportunity
  • Attract and retain a diverse workforce
  • Decrease disparities in care
  • Restore full bed capacity and allow for future clinical growth.
  • Ensure post-acute care settings that meet patient needs.
  • Restructure pharmacy portfolio.
  • Seek partners to boost clinical outcomes, patient and provider satisfaction and financial results.


  • Strong medical center and clinical margins
  • Increased support of our academic mission
  • Enhanced quality and operations excellence within the clinical system


University of Rochester Strategic Plan

A future with Boundless Possibility

The 2030 strategic plan is here, with bold and transformational goals that will guide the University forward. From research excellence, exceptional education, and health care of the highest order, to employee success and sustainable growth—we’re striving to reach further, embrace challenges, and be boundless.