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URMC / About Us / Strategic Plan / Success in 2025

What does success look like in 2025?

URMC produces exceptional results at an affordable cost, across all of our missions: education, research, patient care, and community health. We advance health by treating and preventing disease. Above all, we place our highest value on people. 

The world’s best faculty, students, and trainees are drawn here by the skillful balance of independent, creative thinking and true teamwork. Our graduates are sought as leaders. 

Our diverse clinician/scientist teams make discoveries that open the pipeline from DNA to diagnosis to cure—across large populations. 

We share meaningful work that inspires and rewards talented professionals. Faculty and staff are thriving as payment and delivery models evolve.   

We empower patients with the knowledge to defy their genetic limits and achieve healthful longevity. We bring patient care home to their communities under the banner of UR Medicine, a promise of a uniformly high-quality and compassionate care experience.  

We are emulated for having the ideas, the systems, the will, and the resources to solve health care’s most intractable problems. We will heal health care itself.