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  • Photo-Journalism: National Geographic Photographer--Alison Wright  "Photographing with Passion and Purpose: a Cultural and Medical Journey"   -- Monday, April 30, 2018, 7:30PM
    Free for all in the UR community—2 presentations as noted below.
    Part 1: URMC-Class of ‘62 Aud.: 12:00 noon
    Part 2: Campus—Wegmans 1400: 3:30 PM

    The Arts in Mind (AIM) project enters a new mission in photojournalism—an integration of artistic and academic disciplines that serves to reveal, chronicle, and sometimes intervene in important events and conditions around the globe. Journey around the world with Alison Wright as she shares images and insights that document indigenous cultures and the human condition, often in post-disaster conflict areas.

    While on assignment, Alison’s life nearly ended in a devastating bus accident in remote Laos. Her memoir, “Learning to Breathe; One Woman’s Journey of Spirit and Survival,” chronicles an inspirational story of survival, rehabilitation, and determination to restore her career.

    Alison will visit the UR on April 30 to deliver two presentations with different emphasis, so as to share captivating photographs and her unique perspective on the integration of cultural and medical humanities in global communities.

    For more information about Alison Wright
    Photographing with Passion and Purpose: a Cultural and Medical Journey Event Flyer