25th Anniversary Discovery Ball

Thank you for joining us in support of Wilmot Cancer Institute. We are pleased to share that this year’s 25th anniversary Discovery Ball raised over $1 million in gross revenue thanks to supporters like you!

We extend our deepest gratitude to all our sponsors, donors, and community members for their generosity. We would also like to acknowledge our co-chairs, James and Shannon Wilmot, Patrick and Caroline Wilmot, Michael and Jamie Cesere, and Mary Wilmot, as well as our committee members and Wilmot Cancer Institute leadership for their guidance and vision for this remarkable evening.

Fund in Need

When you give to the Discovery Fund, you are investing in every aspect of Wilmot, helping us conduct transformative cancer research, providing world-class oncology care, and training generations of clinicians and scientists.

Our work continues in a quest to conquer all cancers, eradicate health disparities and help patients not only survive, but thrive. With your support, we plan to expand our developmental therapeutics capabilities to quickly convert key discoveries into novel cancer therapies for patients. We will offer more clinical trials to augment treatment options. We will continue engaging community members, conducting outreach to make our trials more accessible, enrolling more high-risk, underserved and underrepresented patients.

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