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What Sets Wilmot Clinical Trials Apart

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Improvements in cancer care don’t happen by accident. It is part of the mission of academic medical centers like the University of Rochester, and its Wilmot Cancer Institute, to explore new treatments through methodically planned clinical trials and careful monitoring of data. We have dozens of researchers and clinical trials specialists on site with decades of experience in managing studies.

  • Wilmot is the only academic cancer center in the Finger Lakes region that offers clinical trials. Wilmot primarily draws patients from a 27-county region that includes Rochester and beyond — from the rural Southern Tier and Pennsylvania border, to Syracuse, Albany and central New York, the entire Finger Lakes area, and the Adirondack region. Many of our patients come to Wilmot because of the opportunity to enroll in clinical studies and to receive the latest therapies while being monitored by a high-quality team of specialists.
  • Wilmot has one of the largest clinical trial portfolios in supportive care research in the U.S., focusing on how to control cancer’s side effects and treatment toxicities and how to better deliver quality care to patients.
  • Wilmot has invested heavily in its clinical trials office in recent years, including a new software management platform and new leadership to provide experienced oversight. As a result, Wilmot has more than doubled its enrollment of patients for studies since 2016, and remains committed to future investments that will help to bring laboratory science more quickly to the clinics.
  • Immunotherapy is one of the recent bright spots in cancer treatment, a reflection of progress thanks to clinical trials. In 2016, Wilmot was among the first sites in the nation to offer a clinical trial for CAR T-cell therapy, a powerful anti-cancer treatment that harnesses a patient’s own immune system to attack a malignancy. The following year, Wilmot was also among the first in the nation to offer the FDA-approved therapy. We continue to provide this innovative treatment for lymphoma; Wilmot also participates in several national clinical trials investigating CAR T-cell therapy in different types of blood cancers.
  • Wilmot is part of the National Cancer Institute’s Clinical Trials Network (NCTN) — a collection of the nation’s top cancer experts working to establish new standards of care through NCI-funded trials.