Pain Management

We are a consult service staffed by fellowship trained and board-certified physicians in pain medicine supported by anesthesiology residents, pain medicine fellows, and nurse practitioners. Our service is multidisciplinary, drawing in providers from physical medicine & rehabilitation, interventional radiology and behavioral health to design an individualized Pain Management Plan for you. We work in close collaboration with your primary care provider and oncology team. We are proud to have assembled this team of experts to address this complex problem for our patients.

Integrated Cancer Pain Clinic Helps Patient Get Back to her Passions

“Cancer treatment is not just about cure — it's about quality of life. That's something Courtney Speers learned first-hand when she received help from the Integrated Cancer Pain Clinic at Wilmot Cancer Institute. ”

Our goal is to improve cancer patient’s overall quality of life and return to an optimal functional state with the help of multimodal pain treatment strategies that help reduce pain related to cancer or its treatment. We optimize care for in-patients with chronic pain or cancer related pain. We aim to target patients with high-impact chronic or cancer pain using opioid sparing techniques with a range of modalities. We use safe and structured opioid management leading to overall decrease in opioid usage. We facilitate earlier patient discharge from the hospital.