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Mahlon D. Johnson, M.D., Ph.D.

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Office: (585) 275-3202

Fax: (585) 273-1027

URMFGA member of the University of Rochester Medical Faculty Group

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Dr. Johnson has particular interest and expertise in neurosurgical pathology and neurodegenerative disorders. He has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals and numerous book chapters . He receives referrals for consultation from across the U.S.

Professional Background

Dr. Johnson did a residency in Anatomic Pathology, Fellowship in Neuropathology and Fellowship in Cell Biology at Vanderbilt Medical School. He was on the faculty at Vanderbilt for fifteen years becoming an Associate Professor with tenure, Director of Neuropathology and Director of the Neuropathology Training Program. He has been on the University of Rochester School of Medicine as a Professor of Neuropathology with tenure, Professor of Neurosurgery and Director of Neuropathology for over a decade. His diagnostic activities include neurosurgical and autopsy neuropathology, a consultation practice and as a consultant to the Monroe County Medical Examiner's Office. He also lectures at other medical schools. He has over 150 publications and is first author on over half.


My lab studies leptomeningeal diseases especially meningeal neoplasia. Our emphasis in the past has been on identifying the role of growth factor/growth factor receptor expression and downstream signaling in the pathogenesis of meningiomas. This has included, for the first time, identifying expression and possible roles for the transforming growth factor beta superfamily, MEK-1- MAPK and PI3K-Akt pathways. We have also evaluated cerebrospinal effects on the leptomeningeal and meningioma cell proliferation. Additional studies have evaluated the expression and roles of mesothelin in the leptomeninges, metastases to the leptomeninges and in meningiomas.



MD | University of Tennessee College of Medicine

PHD | University of Tennessee College of Medicine

Post-doctoral Training & Residency

07/01/1989 - 06/30/1993
Fellowship in Research at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

07/01/1987 - 06/30/1989
Fellowship in Neuropathology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

07/01/1985 - 06/30/1987
Residency in Pathology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

09/01/1984 - 06/30/1985
Internship in Pathology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

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Pathology Residents Teaching Award, Anatomic Pathology

Sigma Xi Excellence in Research Award

1982 - 1984
NIH National Research Service Award

Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society

NIH National Research Service Award

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Journal Articles

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Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Leptoeningeal and Dural lesions
Book Title: Neuropthologic and Neuroradiologic Correlations: A Differential Diagnostic Text and Atlas.
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Chapter Title: Meningeal Mass Lesions.
Book Title: Neuropthologic and Neuroradiologic Correlations: A Differential Diagnostic Text and Atlas.
Author List: Johnson MD, Hussain Ali.
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Chapter Title: Muscle and nerve biopsy
Book Title: Modern Surgical Pathology
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