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Who is on My Team?

Who is on My Team?

Who Will My Child See at Their Appointment?

Primary Care Physician (PCP)

The PCP is the team leader for the team that the patient is assigned to in the practice. Patients may be seen by any of the doctors, advanced practice providers and residents on their team. There will be a single lead pediatrician listed as your child’s pediatrician in our system and with the insurance company.

Continuity Care Physician (CCP)

Your child’s CCP is the provider who will see your child regularly and who is most familiar with them. “Well-Child Visits” and “Follow-Up” visits will be scheduled with your child’s CCP. If the CCP is not available within the needed time frame, we will schedule an appointment with a provider on the same team.

Note: Since illness visits are scheduled within 1-2 days, your child often may see someone other than their PCP or CCP.

Practice Leadership Team