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NICU Family Support

Parents of previous NICU babies offer support for our current NICU families.

Useful Apps for NICU  Parents

  • The Zaky App
    The Zaky app keeps track of kangaroo care and provides a learning module written by experts.  It also tracks and logs other activities and developmental information and has a journal.
  • Peekaboo ICU
    The Peekaboo ICU PREEMIE App is a tool made specifically for parents of preemies. Designed to inform, inspire, and engage parents as they navigate their way through the NICU. Peekaboo ICU PREEMIE offers parents an empowering and educational guide to prematurity.
  • My Preemie
    MyPreemie App was created by experts and parents through Graham’s Foundation, and is designed to inform, comfort, organize, and engage preemie families to promote parent well-being and engagement in the NICU and beyond.
  • Preterm Connect
    PretermConnect is a free mobile app that provides information on caring for a preterm baby, self-care, and local resources. App users can also connect with others going through similar experiences through the community forums. The app was developed by a team of researchers at Stanford University as part of ongoing research to better understand the risk factors for preterm birth.
  • Hand to Hold
    The Hand to Hold mobile app provides convenience, compassion and connection to help support NICU parents' emotional needs during their journey. "Creating a mobile app is essential to help eliminate barriers to support for all NICU parents," said Kelli Kelley, Hand to Hold Founder and CEO and NICU parent.