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Golisano Children's Hospital / Pediatric Informatics


Pediatric Digital Health and Clinical Informatics

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Clinical informatics sits at the intersection of technology, data, and clinical care. The advent of electronic health records transformed healthcare, but we have yet to harness the full power of the EHR and the vast amounts of data it contains. Leveraging data and technology to improve patient care is the goal of clinical informaticians.

Our clinical informatics team at Golisano Children’s Hospital is focused on identifying ways to seamlessly integrate technology into clinical workflows to help clinicians provide better care.

Areas of Focus

  • Developing data-savvy clinicians through data literacy education
  • Leveraging the EHR to support screening for social determinants of health and mental health concerns
  • Developing workflows and data streams to foster the transition of complex pediatric patients to adult care
  • Partnering with quality improvement teams to assess and improve care using EHR data and clinical decision support

Strategic Plan Goals

GCH Digital Health Strategic Plan Goals

Create a digital front door that equitably improves access and bridges care gaps for all children across the region. Prioritize clinician wellbeing by improving their interactions and experience with technology and the electronic medical record. Advance value by providing clinicians with the digital health tools and data they need to assess and improve care. Become a leader in digital health innovation, advancing technologies and research that will shape the future of pediatric care.

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Informatics & Digital Health Education