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URMC / Health Lab / Education / DHI Residency Track

Digital Health Innovation Residency Track

The Digital Health Innovation (DHI) Track - developed by Dr. Heather Reyes - is an elective experience designed for resident trainees. It is currently supported by the Department of Pediatrics and the UR Health Lab.

This track is designed for residents with a background in areas such as computer science, engineering, data science, or information technology. Residents complete a mentored project and participate in activities with the Lab to learn about how technology and data drive the way healthcare is delivered.

Two-Week Didactic Bootcamp

Two-Year Mentored Project

The DHI has two phases, the first of which involves two weeks of didactics focused on three questions:

  • What is Digital Health?
  • How does Digital Health Exist in Academia?
  • How Can One Become an Entrepreneur?

Sessions are presented in a variety of formats by expert faculty from across the medical center and university campus (i.e., anesthesiology, pediatrics, psychiatry, data & computer science, business, ethics). Topics include telehealth, medical devices, mobile and web applications, electronic health records, data analysis, and artificial intelligence.

Two-Week Didactic Bootcamp

The didactic experience is followed by a two-year mentored project in one area of interest. The track allows for projects to take one of several forms: traditional research project, clinically focused quality improvement, entrepreneurial focused proof of concept and business plan, or operational implementation with analysis of change. Potential mentors were identified during exploratory phase of program development and are paired with trainees during the first 2-4 months of the project based on trainees’ skills and interest.

Two-Year Mentored Project

Dr. Reyes has been awarded a Dean's Teaching Fellowship from the School of Medicine & Dentistry to further develop this program from 2022-2024.


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