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Software Engineering Core

Driving Technological Advancements in Patient Care

Our Software Engineering team is committed to creating tailored solutions for complex challenges in the healthcare field. By innovatively adapting technologies we seamlessly serve our partners at the URMC, ultimately enhancing the experience for all involved - from researchers and providers to dedicated staff, all contributing to elevated patient care.



Building on research findings to define easy-to-use interfaces and functionalities


Trials & Feasibility

Evaluating MVPs and iterating on tech designs and beta tests with actual users

At the core of UR Health Lab lies a dedicated team of innovators within the Software Core. Our mission is to unravel the profound impact that technology can have on patient care. We approach challenges through a multi-faceted strategy.

Pioneering Virtual Reality for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Virtual reality   







Virtual reality headset

One standout project within UR Health Lab exemplifies our commitment to cutting-edge solutions. We're actively advancing the field of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) through the integration of Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Collaborating closely with departments and clinicians across URMC, we're exploring the diverse applications of VR within clinical spaces.

Our current endeavors involve comprehensive trials with adult and pediatric patients. The results are promising - VR has demonstrated its potential in significantly reducing anxiety levels and minimizing the need for sedation across a range of medical procedures.

As part of this groundbreaking initiative, our Software Core proudly presents a custom-designed VR application, simulating a serene aquarium setting. This immersive experience allows patients to venture into an underwater world, engaging with the application as a powerful tool for distraction and relaxation.

Our diverse range of initiatives spans cutting-edge software solutions. Dive into the future of patient care and technology by navigating through our thoughtfully crafted projects. Join us in unraveling the possibilities and exploring the impactful work that shapes the landscape of healthcare at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

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Harnessing data and technology to advance healthcare.

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