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Each project finds its roots among our esteemed faculty and dedicated UR Health Lab members. With an open-door policy for questions and updates, collaboration flourishes, allowing individuals to contribute their talents to multiple endeavors. Co-directed by leaders Dave Mitten and Michael Hasselberg, the Lab serves as a nucleus of health innovation, channeling resources strategically across projects and shaping the future of healthcare solutions.



POCUS + URMC + Butterfly, Inc.

Advancing clinical implementation using POCUS tools and AI technology


Team: Ajay Anand; Constantinos Ketonis; Jeff Lillie; Dave Mitten; Lisa Pink; Spencer Rosero; Justin Zelenka


PICU Alarm Fatigue

Reducing URMC's pediatric ICU's alarm fatigue using advanced data analytics


Team: Alex Clark; Stephen Drury; Heather Reyes


VR Experience

Enhancing patients’ care experience and reducing distress using Virtual Reality


Team: Wendi Cross; Gevher Karboga; Cristiano Tapparello



Fostering community-centered care through the fusion of geography and demographics in the neighborhood


Team: Carly Hochreiter


Sleep Disturbances

Measuring sleep and understanding disturbances during hospital stays using Electronic Health Record (EHR)


Team: Kathleen Fear; Sullafa Kadura; Lisa Pink


DHI Residency Track

Building a digital health innovation ecosystem through mentorship and experiential learning


Team: Christine Boerman; Heather Reyes


Brain Wellness App

Developing personalized cognitive training with real-time heart rate adaptation for the aging population



Team: Josef Lenz; Cristiano Tapparello


CBT Mobile App

Delivering app-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) embedded with virtual reality


Team: Wendi Cross; Michael Hasselberg; Josef Lenz; Cristiano Tapparello


Intro to Digital Health Ethics

Introducing ethical concepts and resources to develop digital health projects 



Team: Mead Bowen; Kevin Boyd; Jonathan Herington; Meghan Plate


Health Equity & Literacy

Identifying gaps in literacy, which can lead to inequities in healthcare


Team: Mechelle Sanders


FASD Mobile App

Testing an app for caregivers of children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD)


Team: Cody Romanos; Cristiano Tapparello


Past Projects:

  • Roc Covid | Health Lab Team + Various Rochester Partners
  • UR VOICE 2.0 | Judy BaumhauerURMFG (Patient-reported outcomes)
  • George Mobile App | Ray DorseyCHeT (Huntington’s)
  • cCBT Mobile App | Michael HasselbergPsychiatry + Computer Science + Eastman School (Anxiety)
  • TurboTPN | William ManiscalcoPediatrics + Pharmacy (Hyperal)
  • Bone Age Prediction | Jim Sanders, Orthopaedics (Bone Age)
  • Osteoporosis Prediction | Warren Hammert, Orthopaedics (Osteoporosis)
  • Tendon Scar Tissue Segmentation | Alayna LoiselleOrthopaedics
  • Word Count Analysis | Ray DorseyCHeT (Alzheimer’s)
  • SNF Prediction | Tom MyersOrthopaedics (Total Joint Replacements)
  • Cone Beam CT Project | David WaldmanImaging Sciences + Computer Science
  • GJ Express | Kate Ackerman


As the UR Health Lab continues to evolve, we remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of healthcare innovation. Our projects not only reflect our commitment to advancing medical science and technology but also underscore our belief in a collaborative and holistic approach to improving the well-being of individuals and communities. Through our dynamic initiatives, we aspire to contribute to a healthier and more connected future.


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