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Projects originate with affiliated faculty or Health Lab team members. All project leaders are welcome to bring updates and questions to the team, and our space allows for folks to be involved in a few projects at any given time. UR Health Lab co-directors Dave Mitten and Michael Hasselberg provide insight and strategy for all, and resources are divided among ongoing projects as needed.

Current and forthcoming projects include:


Butterfly, Inc. + URMC

explore POCUS, AI, and clinical implementation

HL Team: Kathleen Fear; Justin Zelenka; Jeff Lillie; Constantinos Ketonis; Spencer Rosero; Meghan Plate



VR Experience

use VR to reduce procedural anxiety/sedation

HL Team: Kate Ackerman; Antonia Kolokythas; Wendi Cross; Daniela Martinez Bernal; Cristiano Tapparello



Neuroscience + Anxiety

identify new brain measures to develop personalized and precise diagnostic and treatment tools

HL Team: Ben Suarez-Jimenez



Health Equity + Literacy

identify health inequities and illiteracy

HL Team: Mechelle Sanders; Carly Hochreiter



Alarm Fatigue

gather data to reduce alarm fatigue in the PICU

HL Team: Heather Reyes; Alex Clark



Stroke Data Dashboard

optimize data management to improve stroke quality metrics

HL Team: Kathleen Fear; Christine Boerman



Ana Bot

address COVID-19 information gaps via chatbot

HL Team: Jose PĂ©rez Ramos



Patient Outcomes Project

HL Team: Kostantinos Vasalos; Kathleen Fear



Medical Education + Data Project

build a digital ecosystem for internal medicine residents

HL Team: Conrad Gleber; Kathleen Fear; Cristiano Tapparello; Meghan Plate



GJ Express

improve care of children with GJ (gastrojejunostomy) tubes

HL Team: Kate Ackerman


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Embodied, Inc. + GCH

develop clinical uses for Moxie, a robot with ML to promote social and cognitive development

HL Team: Heather Reyes; Kate Ackerman; Daniela Martinez Bernal



FASD Mobile App

test interactive app for caregivers of children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD)

HL Team: Cristiano Tapparello



Sleep Disturbances Study

use EHR data to understand sleep disturbances during hospital stays and outcomes

HL Team: Sullafa Kadura; Kathleen Fear



Digital Front Door

provide access and easy-to-use tech interfaces for patients in the health system

HL Team: Kathleen Fear; Carly Hochreiter



CBT Mobile App

deliver app-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with embedded virtual reality

HL Team: Michael Hasselberg; Wendi Cross; Cristiano Tapparello



Project on Ethics + Health Tech

HL Team: Kevin Boyd



Clinical Decision Support

validate and refine an existing algorithm that predicts early acute kidney injury (AKI) among critically ill children

HL Team: Adam Dziorny



HomeMed Study

optimize medication use for recently hospitalized patients while receiving home health care visits

HL Team: Jinjiao Wang; Conrad Gleber; Kathleen Fear; Justin Zelenka



Brain Wellness App

use brain training app and games for middle- and old-age patients at risk for dementia

HL Team: Josef Lenz; Cristiano Tapparello


Past Projects:

  • Roc Covid | Health Lab Team + Various Rochester Partners
  • UR VOICE 2.0 | Judy Baumhauer, URMFG (Patient-reported outcomes)
  • George Mobile App | Ray Dorsey, CHeT (Huntington’s)
  • cCBT Mobile App | Michael Hasselberg, Psychiatry + Computer Science + Eastman School (Anxiety)
  • TurboTPN | William Maniscalco, Pediatrics + Pharmacy (Hyperal)
  • Bone Age Prediction | Jim Sanders, Orthopaedics (Bone Age)
  • Osteoporosis Prediction | Warren Hammert, Orthopaedics (Osteoporosis)
  • Tendon Scar Tissue Segmentation | Alayna Loiselle, Orthopaedics
  • Word Count Analysis | Ray Dorsey, CHeT (Alzheimer’s)
  • SNF Prediction | Tom Myers, Orthopaedics (Total Joint Replacements)
  • Cone Beam CT Project | David Waldman, Imaging Sciences + Computer Science


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