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About Us

Who Are We?

The UR Health Lab is comprised of talented professionals from diverse fields like technology, data science, and healthcare. Our collaborative approach empowers us to drive innovation and revolutionize healthcare through disruptive technologies.


Our Mission

At UR Health Lab, our mission is to be at the forefront of healthcare innovation. Through interdisciplinary collaboration and the integration of data, education, and, engineering, we strive to create technologies that revolutionize healthcare and provide accessible, better health solutions, all while preparing the next generation of healthcare leaders.


What Do We Do?

At the UR Health Lab, we harness the power of cutting-edge technology and data to innovate healthcare solutions. By bridging healthcare, academia, and industry, we foster collaboration and find the best solutions to complex problems that lead to better healthcare outcomes.


Our Vision

Our vision at the UR Health Lab is to be a leading innovation center that pioneers groundbreaking solutions in healthcare. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and embracing an interdisciplinary approach, we aspire to create a future where digital healthcare transforms lives and elevates the well-being of individuals worldwide.



Harnessing data and technology to advance healthcare.

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