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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Our mission is to revolutionize healthcare through data and technology.
  • We foster unconventional collaborations to ignite innovative partnerships.
  • We cultivate tomorrow's healthcare leaders by offering educational opportunities.
  • We are dedicated to upholding ethical principles and mindfulness in innovation.
  • We aim to create a tangible, positive impact on the lives of URMC patients, faculty, staff, and beyond.
We follow the principles similar to a conventional laboratory: identifying research questions, forming hypotheses, collecting data, analyzing results, making conclusions, taking action, and repeating the cycle. Within this framework, our team convenes in a single setting to exchange insights and offer diverse perspectives. We function as a blend of a lab and a Socratic seminar, thereby becoming what is known as the “Socratic Lab” of UR Health Lab.

Patient welfare remains the foremost concern of the UR Health Lab, thereby shaping our research and development efforts. We also cater to the University of Rochester and URMC's faculty and staff. We maintain close collaborations with students, trainees, and external partners, including businesses, healthcare systems, and educational institutions.

The UR Health Lab identifies problems and fills those gaps by playing multiple roles at the same time. We

  • Enable professionals to shape healthcare's future through innovative tech and data applications.
  • Act as an incubator for individuals to share their early-stage projects, obtaining feedback and refining solutions in an open, supportive environment.
  • Unite diverse individuals with common goals, showcasing our partners' work and nurturing future leaders.
  • Aggregate resources and develop training programs to bolster the growth of healthcare innovators.
  • Serve as a vital link between healthcare, academia, and industry, fostering collaboration to address complex issues.
  • Offer valuable insights to healthcare leaders, guiding future decision-making.

The UR Health Lab is an integral part of the University of Rochester and UR Medicine. We maintain active collaborations with various centers, departments, and individuals within the institution, providing us access to expertise across diverse fields. For a detailed list, visit our Partners page.

Our team and associates are situated across the university and medical center, engaging in institution-wide, high-impact projects. Team members are encouraged to reach out, and we extend the same invitation to interested colleagues. You can find a current list of team members on our website, and we host open team meetings for those seeking more information. If you wish to contact someone on our team, please complete our Contact Us form. Furthermore, we regularly showcase our projects at various events, both in Rochester and at conferences and symposia. Feel free to connect with us; we're always eager to discuss others' work and explore collaboration opportunities.