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Contact & UR Health Lab FAQs



  • To transform healthcare and drive change via technology and strategy. 
  • To reach across traditional disciplines to spark future innovative partnerships. 
  • To provide opportunities to prepare the next generation of healthcare leaders. 
  • To ensure a commitment to ethics and mindfulness throughout the innovation process. 
  • To make a positive, measurable impact in the lives of URMC patients, faculty, staff, and beyond. 
We operate on the same principles as a traditional lab – define a question to investigate, establish a hypothesis, gather data, analyze findings, draw conclusions, respond, repeat. Throughout that process, our team comes together in one space to share insights and provide a variety of perspectives; we’re an amalgamation of a lab and a Socratic seminar, but we like the sound of lab better than seminar.

Primarily, the UR Health Lab serves faculty and staff at the University of Rochester and URMC. We also work closely with students and trainees, as well as external partners such as companies, other health systems, and higher education institutions. All of what we do impacts patients; they remain top of mind throughout our research and development.

  • Empower practitioners to shape the future of healthcare by leveraging tech and data in new ways
  • Serve as an incubator for people to share their early-stage work, allowing them to receive feedback, develop solutions, and troubleshoot in a safe, open-minded setting
  • Bring together like-minded people from different backgrounds, promote the work of our partners, and foster the potential of future leaders
  • Compile resources and create training opportunities to support and grow fellow healthcare innovators
  • Serve as a bridge between healthcare, academia, and industry to encourage collaboration and find the best solution for pressing and complex problems
  • Provide insight to health system leaders to inform future action

Our team and affiliates are spread throughout the university and medical center, and we are involved in several high-level projects that span the institution. Team members may reach out and we encourage you to do the same – we maintain a current list of individuals on our website and open team meetings to interested colleagues who would like to learn more. If you’d like to talk with someone on our team, fill out our Contact Us form. Additionally, we showcase many of our projects (both in Rochester and at other conferences, symposia, etc.) throughout the year. Please don’t be shy – we’re always happy to chat about what others are working on and opportunities for collaboration!

The UR Health Lab is a proud member of the University of Rochester and UR Medicine. We have ongoing partnerships with centers, departments, and individuals across the institution that allow us to consult with experts in a variety of fields. If you’d like to see a list, please see the Partners page of our website.