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Data Core

Harnessing the Power of Healthcare Data

Kathleen Fear

Dr. Kathleen Fear, Data Core Director at the UR Health Lab

When clinicians or project leaders come knocking with a burning question or a complex puzzle to solve, the problem-solvers in the Data Core of the UR Health Lab step in. Together with other innovators at the URMC, we craft an action plan that's about unleashing the full potential of data into healthcare.

Our mission? Be the driving force behind a better life for patients, a brighter path for providers, and a thriving future for the entire community. Within the Data Core, we don't just translate data; we transform it into a tapestry of solutions that paint a brighter picture for healthcare.



Exploratory Data Analysis

To explore a novel solution to a problem


Sample Project: Sleep Disturbances Study



Advanced Analytics

To predict future trends and optimize decision-making


Sample Project: Butterfly


Data Visualization

To visually communicate our findings


Sample Project: Stroke Dashboard



Impact Analysis

To investigate the impact of a change or a decision


Sample Project: PICU Alarm Fatigue


Our work involves mastering the art of problem definition, weaving compelling data narratives. Here's how the Data Core ignites a positive change into the healthcare landscape:

  1. Elevating the Patient Experience: We're on a mission to reshape patient care through data-driven innovation. Our approach not only enhances patient experiences but also paves the way for superior healthcare.
  2. Empowering Providers: We're not just data protectors; we're data liberators. We provide keys to unlock data treasures and embark on projects close to people's hearts.
  3. Illuminating Challenges: The Data Core is our beacon in the storm of healthcare challenges. We collaborate with providers to spotlight issues, and work hand-in-hand to resolve them.
  4. Supporting Community: We craft tools that extend beyond the hospital walls, ensuring our neighborhoods thrive. We're not just here for the healthcare system; we're here for the community.


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Harnessing data and technology to advance healthcare.

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