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Education Core

Exploring Healthcare Innovation and Technology

The spirit of innovation thrives, and learners of all backgrounds converge within the UR Health Lab’s Education Core. Learning is at the center of the Lab and we aim to expose individuals to the Lab’s processes of experimentation and transformation. Those interested in digital health can learn to wield the power of apps, virtual reality, informatics, and beyond through their work with us. When learners engage with the Education Core, they select a level of participation.




Gain training in healthcare innovation and technology



Receive mentorship while working with a project team



Lead a project team and drive changes and innovation

The Education Core reaches beyond the bounds of URMC— we're passionate advocates for learning across the entire university landscape. For learners at any level, we provide guidance on:

  1. Problem Identification
  2. Solution Brainstorming
  3. Learner/Mentor Matching
  4. Skill Development
  5. Networking and Connection to Resources


"Because great ideas come from anyone, anywhere, and anytime!"

Continuous, intentional, and hands-on learning is deemed essential for driving innovation within the UR Health Lab, particularly in the realm of digital health. In this video, co-directors Dave Mitten and Michael Hasselberg converse with Tim Fitzpatrick, the host of the T-Minus 10 podcast, shedding light on the significance of education within the broader health system.


From the Education Core

The Digital Health Innovation Residency Track, created by our own Dr. Heather Reyes, is a prime example of the exciting educational opportunities offered within the Lab.

Dr. Heather Ryes with the Moxie robot at the UR Health Lab

This track is a playground for residents with interest or backgrounds in fields like computer science, engineering, data science, and information technology. Participants dive headfirst into mentored projects and engage with the Lab's dynamic activities, gaining profound insights into the pivotal role of technology and data in shaping the future of healthcare. Telehealth, medical devices, web applications, artificial intelligence— it's all on the menu.

Dr. Reyes has been honored with a prestigious Dean's Teaching Fellowship from the School of Medicine & Dentistry to further grow this program from 2022 to 2024.

If you're curious about how the Education Core supports our esteemed faculty and staff, drop us a line. We've got a wealth of stories to share and a universe of knowledge to explore.


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Harnessing data and technology to advance healthcare.

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