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Participating in Research

Research participants make research studies successful. Please review the information on this page and contact your study coordinator or study team if you have questions about participating.

Those interested in becoming research participants can learn more from Health Research & Clinical Trials.

The CRC Research Team

Our professional research study team works together to give you the care you need:

  • Your primary care physician and/or principal investigator (the individual who will lead the project) will work with the CRC program director to oversee and direct your research care.
  • CRC Nurse Manager Ann Miller, R.N., M.S., C.C.R.C., will oversee and direct the nursing care that is provided to you during your stay on the unit. She is available to address any nursing concerns.
  • Registered nurses  and licensed practical nurses  will provide nursing care for you during your stay at the CRC.
  • CRC Dietician, Nellie Wixom, R.D. will perform study-related nutrition services that are being provided through the CRC. 

Your Stay

Admission to the CRC

Research participants arriving for a research visit on the CRC should go directly to the CRC unit in the Saunders Research Building, Room 1.302.

Food and Nutrition Services

The CRC is not currently able to provide any meals or snacks on the unit, so please contact your study team with any questions or concerns about access to food and beverages during your stay.

For you and your family’s convenience, there is a café in the Saunders Research Building open until 2 p.m., Monday-Friday.  There is also a cafeteria located on the first floor of the Medical Center that is open daily from 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


You will have access to a telephone for free local calls. Please contact a member of your research study team if you need to make long distance phone calls.


We encourage you to bring reading materials or your own electronic device (Laptop, iPad, Switch, etc.).  Remember to bring the charger for the device, as well.


You may wear your own clothing, including sleepwear.  Hospital gowns will be provided for medical procedures, if required.

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours in the hospital are from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Visiting hours on the CRC are the same as the hospital, but may be relaxed at the discretion of the Nursing Staff. Visiting hours tend to be more lenient on the CRC than on other medical floors.

Going Out on Pass

Research subjects are allowed to leave the CRC on a pass only if approved by the principal investigator of the research protocol in which you are participating.

Accommodations for Family Members

If a child is a research subject on the CRC, a parent or guardian may stay in the room throughout the night with the child. A lounge chair will be provided for the parent or guardian. The parent or guardian will not be allowed to sleep in the bed in the child’s room.


As you prepare to leave the CRC, here are some things to think about that may be helpful:

  • Do you know when you are going home?
  • Can you drive home? If not, do you know who will pick you up?
  • Do you have all the belongings you brought with you, including medications?
  • Do you have all the supplies and equipment you will need?
  • Do you have the charger(s) that you brought for electronic devices?
  • Do you have your study medication or discharge prescriptions (if any)?
  • Have you identified friends or family to assist you at home if necessary?

Please feel free to ask your nurse for additional help if you answered “no” to any of these questions.

You will be informed of your discharge date and time. Your discharge plan will be reviewed with you the day you leave. The morning of discharge you will receive your study medication or prescriptions (if any) and discharge instructions.

We strive to provide the best customer service on the Clinical Research Center. If you have any concerns or questions at any time, please do not hesitate to ask.

Download this information: Research Participant Information


Best Routes to the Medical Center

From the East: NYS Thruway (I-90) to Exit 46; I-390 North to Exit 16 (W. Henrietta Road); cross W. Henrietta to E. River Road; right onto Kendrick Road, Right onto Crittenden Boulevard.

From the West: NYS Thruway (I-90) Exit 47; I-490 (east) and I-390 (South) to Exit 16A (E. River Road); right at E. River Road, right at Kendrick Road; Right onto Crittenden Boulevard.

From the South: I-390 (North) to Exit 16 (W. Henrietta Road); cross W. Henrietta Road to East River Road, right onto Kendrick Road, right onto Crittenden Boulevard.

From the Airport: Turn right upon leaving airport. I-390 (South) to Exit 16A (E. River Road); right at E. River Road; right at Kendrick Road; right onto Crittenden Boulevard.


Parking Lot 14 is located on the side of the Saunders Research Building, off Crittenden Boulevard. Feel free to visit the Parking Office website for further details and information. This site includes valuable information: parking options, lots and fees ($3.00–6.00 depending on time spent at the unit), violations/ticketing, and special services (e.g., valet parking).

Directions from Parking Lot 14 to the Clinical Research Center (Saunders Research Building, 265 Crittenden Boulevard, Suite 1.302, Phone: (585) 275-2907)

Entrance to the Saunders Research Building

The Clinical Research Center is temporarily located in the Saunders Research Building (SRB.) There are two entrances into the building.

The Main Entrance is wheelchair accessible. As you enter, you will proceed past the Café, down the main hallway to Suite 1.302. The suite is on the left. There will be a sign above the doorway. The main entrance is open during business hours.

The Side Entrance is wheelchair accessible and is directly off the parking lot on the west side of the building. The side entrance is open during business hours. Enter the building through the two sets of doors. The Clinical Research Center is the third room on the right-hand side - Suite 1.302. There will be a sign over the doorway.Side entrance from the parking lot to the Saunders Research Building

Medical Center and External Map

Google Maps of University Area