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High Cholesterol

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What is High Cholesterol?

Your body needs cholesterol to function, to build cell membranes, form hormones and more. Your body converts some of the fats that you eat into cholesterol. But too much of certain kind of “bad cholesterol,” or LDL, can contribute to atherosclerosis—a buildup of fatty deposits on the walls of arteries—and lead to heart disease.  

At the same time, another kind of cholesterol, HDL, helps remove cholesterol from the body, so it’s known as “good cholesterol.” 

A high level of cholesterol, by itself, doesn’t cause any symptoms. Since you can't tell on your own whether you have unhealthy levels of cholesterol, it’s important to have cholesterol levels checked by your doctor on a regular basis. 

UR Medicine's Treatments for High Cholesterol

Lifestyle modification. The doctors and Advance Practice Providers (nurse practitioners and physician assistants) at UR Medicine Cardiac Care can help you control unhealthy levels of cholesterol through exercise and diet.

  • Medications. Several medications are effective at reducing levels of cholesterol, including statins, cholesterol absorption inhibitors, and bile-acid binding resins as well as non-statin drugs such as PCSK9 inhibitors.
  • LDL Apheresis. Lifestyle changes and medications are effective for most people, but if your cholesterol remains high, LDL apheresis is a method of filtering your blood. This nonsurgical procedure can lower LDL by as much as 80% in one session, lowering the risk of heart attacks. Since LDL builds up in the blood again over time, LDL apheresis is usually required two to four times a month. Medicare and other insurers have certain requirements to cover LDL apheresis.

What Sets Us Apart?

UR Medicine Cardiac Care offers the area's only Lipid Clinic, where our providers specialize in treating patients with high cholesterol and high triglycerides using the most advanced treatments available. Our clinic offers specialized tests to pinpoint the source of high cholesterol levels and other diseases.

Because we’re the area's only academic medical center, the care we provide you is informed by the latest research. We also offer nutritionists who craft personalized diets to help lower cholesterol levels.


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