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Thoracic surgery encompasses procedures on the chest wall and organs contained within the thoracic, or chest, cavity, including the lungs. Our nationally and internationally renowned specialists are experts in lung disease. 

UR Medicine's Approach

We take a more holistic approach to surgery, combining the skill and expertise of surgeons from two surgical subspecialties: thoracic surgery and foregut surgery. As a team, our surgeons work hand-in-hand to address the host of interrelated medical conditions that affect these regions of the body.

The result is a faster and more accurate diagnosis, more insightful and effective surgical treatments, and, most importantly, more promising outcomes for our patients.

We understand that correcting a disorder of one of these organs requires restructuring or altering one or more of the other related organs. So we don’t divide problems between those in the chest and those in the abdomen. Rather, we approach the chest and foregut as a unit, and we’re skilled and comfortable working on both sides of the diaphragm to correct the problems associated with a wide range of diseases.

What Sets Us Apart?

We are local pioneers for innovative procedures such as:

  • Minimally invasive lung, esophageal, and gastric surgery, including robotic procedures for the treatment and cure of malignancies:
    • Lung resections
    • Thymectomy
    • Tracheal surgery
    • Esophageal resections (MIE)
  • Management of GERD and esophageal motility disorders including:
    • Endoscopic approaches
    • Robotic/minimally invasive myotomies and anti-reflux procedures

We also offer state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratories, and we’ve been instrumental in promoting foregut diagnostics.


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Esophageal & Thoracic Surgery - Rochester

Ambulatory Care Center at Strong Memorial Hospital
601 Elmwood Avenue, 2nd Floor
Rochester, NY 14642

Esophageal & Thoracic Surgery - Rochester

Wilmot Cancer Institute
90 Crittenden Boulevard
Rochester, NY 14642

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