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How We Can Help

Maintaining an in-house credentialing office for your healthcare professionals can be challenging. You are constantly faced with budget constraints, new rules and regulations to keep up with, and technology is always changing.

As a CVO, our goal is to help you overcome these challenges, while meeting all your credentialing needs.

By choosing the URMC CVO, you are assured of:

Innovation & Efficiency

» 100% electronic systems for efficiency
» 100% quality assurance auditing for 100% accuracy


Provide access to the expertise of the University of Rochester Medical Center, Medical Staff Office CVO.


Provide timely processes that meet or exceed your expectations with credentials files, audits and expirations meeting regulations.


Provide the highest standards of credentialing available.


Provide outstanding and consistent customer service - on time.


Provide confidential, secure files and data to assist our customers.