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Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Research Center

Center Directors: John Foxe, Ph.D. and Jonathan W. Mink, M.D., Ph.D.

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The Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Research Center creates a hub and infrastructure to promote research in this field. The Center builds upon a strong foundation of research that is already expanding our understanding of the complexities of the brain’s network of nerve cells, how the brain processes external stimuli, and the origins of behavioral disorders. The Center leverages and expands these efforts with the goal of accelerating the translation of scientific discoveries into the next generation of therapies and interventions that improve the lives of people with IDD.

The Center is also central to a larger University-wide effort to establish Rochester as a National Center of Excellence in IDD care, integrating research with health care delivery, education, policy and advocacy.

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Principal Project

The current principal project of the IDD Research Center is focused on Batten Disease.


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Center Cores

Four scientific cores and an administrative core comprise the IDD Research Center.


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Focus Areas

The IDD Research Center has five areas of interest that they investigate.


Pilot Programs

The IDD Research Center has several pilot programs of interest.