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Eastman Institute for Oral Health / Celebrating 100 Years / 100 Year Impact / Alumni & Faculty Accomplishments

Accomplishments & Accolades

Many Eastman Institute for Oral Health alumni, faculty, staff and other members of the EIOH community have held prominent positions and won significant awards. Here's a sampling, which will be updated regularly (see sidebar to send us your information):

Dr. Ackerman Dr. Marc Bernard Ackerman (Ortho ’00) is Director of Orthodontics at Boston Children's Hospital and an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Developmental Biology at Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Previously, he served as Chair & Program Director, Jacksonville University School of Orthodontics.
Bates Mr. Bruce Bates, longstanding member of EDC Foundation Board, received the Joe U. Posner Founders Award from the Rochester Area Community Foundation.
Bello J. Antonio Bello, DDS (Prostho, ’84) President, American Prosthodontic Society; Distinguished Alumni Award, EIOH; Magna Cum Laude Award, Association Dental Mexicana.
Block Dr. Michael S. Block (BA '75 'BS '75), Past President of the Academy of Osseointegration, Editor in Chief of five textbooks on dental implants.
Bray Dr. Robert Bray (Ortho '75, MS '76), President American Association of Orthodontists, President Middle Atlantic Society of Orthodontists; Treasurer, Atlantic Cape May County Dental Society
Bowen William H. Bowen, PhD, DSc- American Dental Association Gold Medal for Research, Lifetime Achievement in Mentoring Award, University of Rochester, E.W. Borrow Memorial Award, IADR, Honorary MD, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, Fred Bimberg Alumni Award for Distinguished Dental Research, Columbia University
Calnon William Calnon (GPR ‘79) –President of the American Dental Association, the nation’s largest dental association representing more than 156,000 dentist members. He's also served as President of the New York State Dental Association, Seventh District Dental Society, and the Monroe County Dental Society.
  Dr. John (Jack ) Campbell (GenDen '82, OMFS '86) Program Director, OMFS, University of Buffalo
Carter Ms. Carletta Carter, RDA, 2007 Dental Assistant of the Year.
Casasa Dr. Adan Casasa (Ortho '79), President, Mexican Orthodontic Academy
Caton Dr. Jack Caton (Perio '73, MS '73) Past President, American Academy of Periodontology; Commissioner for the Commission on Dental Accreditation; Director and Chair of American Board of Periodontology. Awards: 2008 Award for Outstanding Periodontal Educator from American Academy of Periodontology; William J. Gies Award in Periodontology, Gold Medal from AAP; 2008 Norton Ross Award.
Cooper Dr. Lyndon F Cooper, (Prostho '90, MS '91, PhD '91) Chair, Prosthodontics Dept at University of North Carolina's School of Dentistry, Director, UNC Bone Biology and Implant Therapy Lab; 2009 IADR Research in Prosthodontics and Implants Award.
Elad Dr. Sharon Elad, Chair - President/Secretary, Israeli Society of Oral Medicine; General Secretary, International Society of Oral Oncology; Excellence in Teaching from Hadassah Hebrew University School of Dental Medicine
Eliav Dr. Eli Eliav, DMD, PhD - Director, Eastman Institute for Oral Health, Editor -in Chief, Quintessence International
Ercoli Dr. Carlo Ercoli (Prostho ‘96, TMJ '97, GenDen '98, Perio '12), President of the American Prosthodontic Society
  Dr. Stephen Feinberg (OMFS '81, PhD ) Associate Chair, Research, OMFS, University of Michigan Health System
  Dr. Albert H. Guay (Ortho’66) ADA Chief Policy Advisor; ADA’s Distinguished Service Award
Graser Dr. Gerald Graser, American Prosthodontics Society's Golden Medallion Award; President, APS, Academy of Osseointegration, Academy of Prosthodontics
  Dr. Richard Hall (OMFS '84), Chair, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department, University of Buffalo.
  Dr. Bruce Haskell, (Ortho '75), President, Louisville Dental Society
  Dr. Shiva Khatami (Ortho '09) won the 2013 American Dental Education Association Olav Alvares Award.
Lipshitz Drs. Wayne Lipschitz (GenDen '92), Maricelle Abayon and Lisa DeLucia won the Leadership Award from the Golisano Foundation.
Mclaren Dr. Sean McLaren (GPR '03, Pedo '06), President, Monroe County Dental Society, EIOH Pediatric Dentistry Program Director and Interim Chair
Melvin Dr. James Melvin, former director of the Center for Oral Biology, is the Clinical Director of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, part of National Institutes of Health; recipient of an NIDCR Merit Award.
Meyerowitz Dr. Cyril Meyerowitz (GenDen ’75, MS ’79) Director, Eastman Institute for Oral Health; Chair, Council on Dental Education and Licensure; Chair, NYS Academic Centers group.
Pollan Dr. Lee Pollan - President, American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons; NYSSOMS President, OMFS Foundation Treasurer; Seventh District Dental Society Award of Merit; Eastman Dental Center Part Time Faculty Award.
Quivey Dr. Rob Quivey, Director, EIOH's Center for Oral Biology, University of Rochester; Associate Director for Research, EIOH; President, Microbiology & Immunology Research Group/IADR; Dean's Professor of Microbiology and Immunology; Margaret and Cy Welcher Professorship in Dental Research
Ranney Dr. Richard Ranney, Dean of University of Alabama's School of Dentistry; Dean, University of Maryland's School of Dentistry
Romano Paul Romano, (Gen Den ’81, Perio ’97) President, Seventh District Dental Society
  Dr. Thomas Schneider (BA '90, Perio '97) named Top Dentist by NJ Magazine in 2009
  Dr. Shachi D. Shantinath (Pedo '86), Head of Public Health for the FDI World Dental Federation.
  Dr. Anibel Silveira (Ortho ’83) Chair Department of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry
  Dr. Martha J. Somerman (Perio '78 'PhD '80) is the director of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR); Dean, School of Dentistry at the University of Washington; President, AADR, Paul Goldhaber Award, Harvard University
  Dr. Doron Steinberg (MS '92), Head, Bio-Medicine Graduate Program in Dental Medicine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Subtelney Dr. J. Daniel Subtelny, American Association of Orthodontists' research honor, the Milo Hellman Award; AAO's teaching honor, Louise Ada Jarabek Memorial International Orthodontic Teachers and Research Award; American Board of Orthodontics' Albert H. Ketcham Memorial Award; AAO's James E. Brophy Distinguished Service Award; Jarvie-Burkhart Award.
Thomas Huw F. Thomas, BDS, MS, PhD (Pedo ’78, MS ’79) – Dean, University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry, Chair elect American Dental Education Association Board Directors. Dean, School of Dental Medicine, Tufts University
  Dr. John Zuniga, (GenDen '79, Ortho '83) Robert V. Walker Chair at UT Southwestern Medical Center.