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Eastman Institute for Oral Health / Celebrating 100 Years / Focused on the Future

Focused on the Future

Dr. Eli Eliav Eli Eliav, DMD, MSc, PhD

Director, Eastman Institute for Oral Health

The next 100 years present many new challenges, and Eastman Institute for Oral Health at the University of Rochester Medical Center are uniquely and exceptionally qualified  to address them.  We continue to care for patients with medically complex situations and special needs, apply new knowledge from research faster than ever before, and train the next generation of specialists. 

People are living longer, and our baby boomers need more advanced dental treatment, unlike ever before. But as our seniors age, medications and other medical concerns will affect their oral health and treatment options.  EIOH has the experts in geriatric oral health care to address these issues, while educating our residents.

As the population continues to increase, more of us will face a serious illness and subsequent treatments that could involve strong medications, radiation and/or chemotherapy. Dental treatment before these procedures can reduce the risk and severity of complications, such as jaw bone damage.  Clearing oral infection prior to cancer treatment often includes treating cavities, fractured teeth, gum disease or multiple extractions.

For more than 20 years, we have provided such care for Strong Memorial Hospital’s medically complex patients - people who have cancer or an infectious disease, or those undergoing a transplant or other surgeries or receiving radiation or chemotherapy. Following treatment, these patients deal with quality of life, dignity and functionality challenges that can negatively impact their recovery. EIOH is uniquely qualified to help this patient population.

We invite you to partner with us as we continue to advance the quality of care for the Rochester community and around the world.

Thoughts On What's Ahead

"This is a critical time for the dental profession. We have to make decisions today that will determine the future of the profession, most importantly how we will interact with the larger health care world." - Ira Lamster, DDS-Former Dean, Columbia University College of Dental Medicine & Professor, Dept. of Health Policy and Mgmt.

Dr. Lee Pollan"EIOH continues to work to honor its founder as an oral health care provider for the underserved children and adults from Rochester and the surrounding region while strengthening its position as a world leader in dental research, education and the provision of quality oral health care for all."- Dr. Lee Pollan, interim chair, EIOH Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

"Pediatric Dentistry at EIOH will continue to train pediatric dentists that train and work with the underserved members of society. We will continue to evolve in today's environment of decreased governmental funding for training reimbursement and research, and thrive Dr. Sean McLarenwith innovative approaches to care for the underserved children in the Rochester area and train a well-diversified pediatric dentistry workforce." - Dr. Sean McLaren, interim chair, EIOH Pediatric Dentistry.

Dr. Rob Quivey"The EIOH has a clear role in the production of future leaders in the areas of dental practice, dental education, and dental research. Its history bears that out, but more than that, the unrelenting stream of persons arriving at EIOH for advanced education bears out the desire that people have to move up the academic ladder by improving situations around them, addressing needs, treating patients, and deriving from their education the skills and desire to evolve their field."- Dr. Rob Quivey, DIrector, EIOH Center for Oral Biology.

"EIOH is going to persist with high-qDr. Sharon Eladuality education to residents in various programs, extend the educational programs and open new opportunities. The buds of this growth are already seen and available for dental professionals."- Dr. Sharon Elad, Chair, EIOH Oral Medicine

"Eastman plays a huge role in the future of our profession preparing the leaders of the future, focusing on excellence in patient care and motivating resident curiosity in the pursuit of better materials and procedures through state-of-the-art research."- Dr. Jorge L. Garaicoa (GenDen '11)