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Grateful Smiles

Theresa and Dr. Liu“I feel so grateful to Dr. Liu at Eastman Dental for diagnosing the source of my severe tooth pain. While it is a two hour drive for me to get to Eastman Dental, I feel it is well worth it!” – Theresa Nelson, of Elmira, NY, who decided to give Eastman Dental a try after months of chronic pain and no improvement after seeing other providers. Read full story

“It’s been exceptional care. So professional, smart and caring through every step of the process. They’ve been wonderful and patient, reallyRas family thorough and great bedside manner…we couldn’t have asked for any better. We are so lucky to get all this care.” – Colleen Ras, mother of patient with two congenital conditions where some of his teeth were missing and the ones he did have were smaller than normal size. Read full story

Georganna and Dr. Baig“I had heard that Eastman Dental is considered the Harvard of Dental Schools, and I couldn’t agree more. Any procedure I’ve had done – and I’ve had them all done – my experience has been really positive.” – Georganna Greenlee, an Eastman Dental patient for more than 20 years. Read full story

“I never thought my teeth could be saved or to have a smile like this...Dr. Alina  Savu changed my life forever.” – Aaron Steinfurth. So grateful, he named his daughter Bailey Alina. Full story

“They took away what was decayed and broken and restored my self-esteem and ability to function,”– Marguerite Guido Read full story

“We are so appreciative for the outpouring of support shown to us. I just can’t thank everyone enough for all they did.”– Tim Siebert and his wife Sililuck, expressing gratitude for the advocacy they received from Eastman Dental for the care provided to their son.  Full story

Freberg family“We so appreciate the wonderful care we received at Eastman and through the cleft team.”– Erin Freberg, whose son Chase was treated by Eastman's specialists. Full story

“Dr. Elad saved my life. I couldn’t stand the way I was living anymore. No one else seemed to know or care what I had, but she took the time.  She’s very personable and truly cares.” – patient Kathy talking about EIOH Oral Medicine expert Dr. Sharon Elad. Kathy suffered from lesions and severe pain in her mouth, making it very difficult to eat and drink. Full story

Jill Terhune“Dr. Tasgaonkar is so laid back and easy going.  She made me laugh, which made me much more comfortable.  She and Cindy [Micelli] are such a caring team.” – patient Jill Tehrune, who, due to negative childhood dental experience, had great fear and anxiety to be treated as an adult.  “Turns out, I had nothing to be afraid of.” Full story

“My dentures are now fitted and comfortable. They are truly a well-made example of the craftsman’s art and I feel fortunate to have made the connection to Dr. T and her staff at Eastman Dental for this restoration work.” – Robert Full story