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Eastman Institute for Oral Health / Celebrating 100 Years / 100 Year Impact / Education


map alumniEastman Institute for Oral Health offers eight different advanced, postdoctoral educational programs, attracting dentists from all over the world.  After earning their dental degree, dentists apply for one of our highly competitive programs, including Advanced Education in General Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Dentistry, TMJ Disorders & Orofacial Pain, Prosthodontics, Periodontics, and General Practice Residency.  Every year, 100 specialists-in-training make significant contributions in serving the Rochester community, and advancing research.

Through the UR's School of Medicine and Dentistry, many have earned their master's degree in Dental Science while pursuing a specialty program. Others have taken master's and PhD programs in a variety of other areas.

EIOH offers a wide range of programs called Preceptorships and Fellowships that are shorter and less comprehensive for those who want to expand their knowledge.

The best way to understand the impact of an EIOH education is to hear it directly from our graduates:


"The three most influential lessons at Dr. Antonio BelloEastman were excellence in the field of Prosthodontics, gathering enough material to teach what I learned, and to provide for the underprivileged. All these lessons have helped me to be a better dentist and a better human being.”– J. Antonio Bello, DDS (Prostho ’84)

“Eastman is an amazing institute. The very day I finished my program at Eastman, I felt so comfortable; I learned so much. Eastman not only taught me Prosthodontics, but how humble you can be as a human being. ” – Dr. Mohammed Baig (Prostho ’11)

The experience of treating underserved populations during his time as an EIOH resident inspired him to continue helping those in need throughout his entire career.– Jeffrey P. Feingold (GenDen '72) Jeffrey's Full story

Dr. Kang“I don’t think I have ever been and will ever be surrounded by as many talented and intelligent teachers and researchers as I have at EIOH.”– Sung-Woo Kang, DDS (AEGD '14)

“I am so grateful to Eastman. Many doors were opened to me because I was part of the Eastman family. Thank you for your caring support.” –Ann Slaughter, DDS, MPH (Gen Den ’94) Read more   "Dr. Saunders’  guidance and expertise and support played a pivotal role in my career beyond the walls of Eastman. I have never had a better mentor."

Joel Brodsky, DDS, MS (Ortho ’76, MS ’81) – “I was very fortunate to make some long lasting friendships at Eastman… Cleft palate and surgical cases are a large part of our practice today – a great legacy and tribute to Dr. Subtelny”  Joel's Full story

Jorge Garaicoa, DDS"Not only was I able to build relationships that will last a lifetime with co-residents and faculty, but it was the first step I took toward the career I always wanted to have. Completing the AEGD program opened the doors for me all over the world to access education and to lecture."– Jorge L. Garaicoa, DDS, MS (GenDen '11)

“I feel tremendous support from the faculty and am grateful to them for helping shape my career.” – Jose F. Cortes Botello (Prostho)

Dr. Xiao“Dr. Malmstrom and Dr. Koo are the people who inspired me to develop an academic career. Their dedication to dental research, teaching and clinical practice are the driving power for me to pursue my career dream.”– Jin Xiao, DDS, PhD (GenDen '13, GPR '14)

Dr. fishman“Dr. Subtelny encouraged me and gave me the confidence to rise to the occasion and reach goals I wouldn’t have otherwise.” – Len Fishman, DDS (Pedo' 59, Ortho '61).

"The extensive knowledge and the positive effectiveness of Dr. Subtelny's leadership as a teacher is exceptional."

“One of the best things of about Eastman is its great faculty. The program challenges its residents to become the top of their field.” – Remi Arseneau, DMD (Perio ’12)

“Because of you [Ortho Faculty], I have gained the confidence necessary to meet the demands that lie ahead and maintain the high standard expected of an Eastman Ortho graduate.” – Nader Ehsani (Ortho ’07)

“Dr. Caton teaches us not just periodontics  from textbooks and literature, but also how to deal with some complicated real life situations,” – Jingyuan Fan, DDS, PhD (Perio '14).  “He always encourages our critical thinking and creativity. Her provides us with freedom to pursue our goals and work independently.”

Haskell Family"Dr. Subtelny showed me it was possible to be both a serious and respected academic, as well as a skilled private practitioner. Dr. Musgrave encouraged me to want to be not only a good clinician, but the best clinician possible.” – Bruce Haskell, DMD, PhD (Ortho ’75)

"Dr. Subtelny taught me how to pursue my goals with great passion, energy and perseverance."– Cristina Incorvati, DDS (Ortho '93)

Usman Ali"Very few programs offer the diversity and respect Eastman does. From the excellent faculty to the clinical exposure, the program prepared me very well for a career in general dentistry.  The exposure you gain in this program by the interaction with people from different backgrounds and experiences is invaluable." – Usman Ali, DMD, MPH (GenDen '12)