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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the new Dental Faculty Development Center?
A. The Health Resources and Services Administration and the University of Rochester Medical Center's Eastman Institute for Oral Health will offer 12, two-year Fellowships as part of the newly established National Dental Training Center for Primary Interdisciplinary Care (PIC) Educators.

Q. Where does the new Dental Faculty Development Fellowship take place?
A. The education and training will consist of on-line formal courses leading to an Advanced Certificate in Education for Health Professionals, select Public Health Sciences courses, and courses in systematic reviews and scientific writing. The six Fellows will also spend three weeks annually at the University of Rochester, with airfare and housing provided. Each week will include intensive seminars on interdisciplinary primary care and career development topics.

Q.When does the program start?
A. September 1, 2022

Q. What is the deadline for Application?
A. February 28, 2022

Q.When will the PIC Fellows be selected?
A. March 31, 2022

Q. Can more than one Fellow be selected from the same school?
A. Fellows from the same institution can attend the program consecutively (FY22 and FY24) but not concurrently. Institutions will have an internal application process to select their Fellow candidate.

Q. How much does the program cost?
A. The home institution will receive $75,000 annually that can be applied to cover direct (salary offset, etc.) and indirect funds (~$6K) and $10K directly allocated for the PIC Fellow. Incidental and faculty development costs beyond the $75,000 are the home institution's responsibility.

Q. Why should I apply?
A. This is a unique opportunity to support the career and leadership development of junior dental faculty teaching in general dentistry, pediatric dentistry or public health dentistry. Each faculty participant in the program will have a personalized career development plan tailored to their specific needs and the resources available to them at their home institution.

Courses will cover teaching, scholarship, mentoring, and leadership. Specific topics include how to build the pedagogical skills of community based faculty, virtual teaching/learning and assessing the impact of training activities.

The fellowship will equip junior dental faculty with the skills and experiences to implement and/or expand interdisciplinary, community-based, didactic and clinical teaching at their home institutions supportive of ongoing academic research and scholarship leading to professional advancement.

Q. When does the application process begin for the 2024-2026 Class?
A. January 2024

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