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Master’ of Science Degree Program

The Master of Science in Dental Sciences: Clinical and Translational Sciences , trains dental clinicians to think critically, enabling them to readily apply research skills and knowledge to improve health outcomes for patients and to pursue research activities and academic careers.

Our master’s degree program is intended for applicants who have received a doctorate in dentistry and have previous clinical training, those in advanced education programs or in a dental clinical specialty, or junior faculty with clinical responsibilities.  Our programs provide training in the basic skills used by clinical researchers and is supplemented by a broad array of relevant core and elective courses that will provide basic concepts and theories consistent with each student's goals and objectives. Each student works with an advisor and the program director to develop a program of study uniquely tailored to individual interests and future goals.  Master's degree candidates complete all requirements, including the written thesis and final oral examination, within 24 months. 

Graduates of the Master of Science in Dental Sciences: Clinical and Translational Sciences have the skills to direct a broad range of clinical studies, including the translation both of scientific knowledge into clinical science and of clinical science into practice.