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Course Requirements and Credits

Candidates complete a minimum of 30 credit hours of course work (18 didactic and 12 research credits).  Individual programs of study and research are developed by the student in close collaboration with the advisor and program director.

Five to 7 didactic credits are taken as electives. Graduate level courses are available in the School of Medicine and Dentistry, the College of Arts, Sciences and Engineering, the School of Nursing, and the Warner School of Education.  Students should be guided by their research interests and thesis topic when choosing elective courses.  It is possible to undertake an independent study for up to 3 credits in lieu of an elective course.  

In addition, MS candidates design and execute an original research project under the guidance of a faculty mentor and an advisory committee.  The thesis is a culmination of an original investigation leading to new information. The thesis should characterize, in a scholarly manner, the importance of this information as it applies to the field of study. The thesis should reflect the methodology, techniques, statistics and literature background used, as well as scientific logic necessary for acceptance of the results and conclusion. A total of 12 credits will be awarded for research, the thesis proposal, document, and defense.