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How to Apply

Application to the University of Rochester Pediatric Dentistry Residency Program is open to US/Canadian trained dentists. Applications are submitted through the ADEA Postdoctoral Application Support Service (PASS) application.  The PASS application is an entirely web-based application performed online.  We require applicants to register for the Postdoctoral Dental Matching Program (MATCH)

When using the ADEA PASS Program Search Engine, our programs can be located under the Program Name of University of Rochester Eastman Institute for Oral Health.

Application Procedures

Complete a PASS application and register with Postdoctoral Dental Matching Program (MATCH) service.

PASS Program Number: PEDS330

Match Program Number: 445643

Further information regarding the PASS/MATCH process may be found on the application services websites.

Postdoctoral Application Support Service (PASS)
1400 K Street, N.W., Suite 1100 B
Washington, DC  20005

Postdoctoral Dental Matching Program (MATCH)
National Matching Services, Inc.
20 Holly Street, Suite 301
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4S 3B1

Residency Candidate Interviews

  • Interviews take place on Mondays, from October through December.  All interviews will be conducted virtually via Zoom.
  • On Sunday evening approximately from 7:00 p.m. EST to 8:00 p.m. EST, applicants will meet virtually with our current Pediatric Dentistry residents in small break-out groups to get a feel for the program in an informal setting.
  • The interview program includes:
    • Orientation meeting with the Pediatric Dentistry chair and program director
    • Participate in a live virtual learning session with two of the pediatric dentistry faculty
    • Individual Zoom interview with members of the faculty
  • Brief, pre-recorded (to be viewed on your own time) presentations by faculty members discussing:
    • Hospital-based dentistry (OR services)
    • Teledentistry
    • Interdisciplinary Care and Craniofacial Care
    • Education
    • Community Dentistry
    • Hospital-based rotations
    • The pediatric dentistry resident clinic
    • The history of Eastman Dental Center