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The Postgraduate Program is a full time, 36-month program starting at the 3rd week of June. The program is divided in four sections: didactic, clinical, research and teaching.


The coursework emphasizes in biomedical sciences, patient evaluation, etiology and pathogenesis of oral diseases, interdisciplinary treatment planning, surgical and non-surgical periodontal treatment and implant therapy. For a complete list of core courses, periodontal courses and master's courses please see the table below.


An extensive clinical training on non-surgical treatment of periodontal diseases, surgical approaches including soft tissue grafting, regenerative approaches, advanced surgical techniques, placement and restoration of dental implants, biopsy, diagnosis and treatment of oral lesions, as well as extensive training on Moderate IV conscious sedation will be provided.  The clinical time varies based on year of residency. Usually 2nd and 3rd year residents are in the clinic 6.5-8 sessions per week, while 1st year residents are usually 6 sessions per week.


All residents are expected to complete a research project whether pursuing a Master's degree or not.  For further information please see section Research


2nd and 3rd year residents are required to develop, organize and deliver lectures and seminars to faculty, fellow residents in periodontology and general dentistry residents. In addition they supervise general dentistry residents in the clinical management of periodontal cases under the direct supervision of faculty.

Three Year Program of Study (Including Certificate and Masters)

Perio Program Of Study

  • DEN 400 - Special Care I:   Medical/Dental Interrelationships
  • DEN 401 – Dentistry for Geriatric Patients and for People with Intellectual, Learning, and Developmental Disabilities
  • DEN 406 - Instructional Design
  • DEN 407 – Ethical Guidelines for the Dentist
  • DEN 408 - Scientific Basis for Safe Dental Practice
  • DEN 409 – Orofacial Pain and Headaches
  • DEN 410 - Head and Neck Anatomy
  • DEN 411 - Oral Diseases and Pathologies
  • DEN 416 - Advanced Oral Medicine & Clinical Pathology
  • DEN 417 - Principles of Evidence-Based Dentistry
  • DEN 418 – Oral Microbiology
  • DEN 412- Oral Implantology I
  • DEN 413 - Oral Implantology II
  • DEN 420 - Biology of the Periodontium
  • DEN 421 - Craniofacial Growth and Development
  • DEN 422 - Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  • DEN 423 - Oral Epidemiology I:  Introduction and Principles
  • DEN 424 - Oral Epidemiology II:  Research Design and Analysis
  • DEN 425 - Saliva and Salivary Glands
  • DEN 426 - Fundamentals of Dental Caries
  • DEN 440 – Control of Pain and Anxiety with Anesthesia Techniques
  • DEN 441 – Physical Diagnosis
  • DEN 442 – Basic Concepts in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • DEN 443 – Basic Dental Implantology         
  • Clinical Topics in Periodontology - Advanced Surgery
  • Clinical Topics in Periodontology - Endodontics
  • Clinical Topics in Periodontology - GTR
  • Clinical Topics in Periodontology - Occlusion
  • Clinical Topics in Periodontology – Osseous Surgery
  • Clinical Topics in Periodontology - Porcine Lab
  • Clinical Topics in Periodontology - Root Resection
  • Clinical Topics in Periodontology - Suturing
  • Current Literature Review in Periodontics
  • Current Literature Review in Dental Implantology
  • Dental Radiology
  • Diagnosis, Tx. Planning and Case Presentation Seminar
  • Full Arch Rehabilitation – Zimmer-Biomet course
  • General Anesthesia/IV Sedation Rotation
  • Introduction to Clinical Periodontology
  • Introduction to Dental Implantology
  • IV Sedation - Didactic
  • OMFS-Prostho-Perio Diagnosis, Treatment Planning and Case Presentation Seminar
  • Medicine Seminar
  • Oral Surgery/IV Sedation Rotation
  • Orthodontic-Prosthodontic-Periodontic Seminar
  • Implant Related Prosthodontic Considerations Course
  • Practice Management Course
  • Oral Pathology Course
  • Patient Management in Hospital Environment
  • Periodontal Histology and Histopathology
  • Periodontal Literature Review Course
    • Periodontal Therapy I
    • Periodontal Therapy II
    • Anatomy, Physiology of the Periodontium
    • Epidemiology, Etiology and Pathogenesis of Periodontal Diseases
    • Dental Implantology
  • Periodontics and Dental Implant Surgery Clinic
  • Periodontics – Prosthodontics Implant Case Presentation
  • Periodontics – Prosthodontics Implant Seminars
  • Rotations to Private Practices
  • Research Project
  • Research Seminars
  • Sinus Cavity in Clinical Periodontology
  • Teaching Experience – General Dentistry
  • Translational & Clinical Science Journal Club