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Our Facilities

In 2014, a $ 1.3 million expansion and floor-to-ceiling renovation project was completed, adding two treatment rooms, new and larger sterilization area, a technology area for CAD/CAM equipment, a Cone Beam Computerized Tomography machine, and new office space for the Prosthodontics Division, in addition to a complete renovation and optimization of the existing space and equipment.

"Expanding and renovating our clinic, and adding the necessary new technology will allow us to continue reaching our residents at the highest level and maintain our program as one of the very best in the country," said Carlo Ercoli, DDS, chair and program director. "In the past few years, the number of applications to our program has doubled and we need to make sure that we continue to attract the best students to our program. Therefore, this expansion and renovation project is a win-win for everyone-our students, our faculty and our patients."

A complete makeover for the entire clinic, including additional treatment rooms that feature the latest technology and equipment, has greatly improved patient privacy and comfort and significantly enhanced care provision.

"It shows the commitment from· the department and the university about the importance of a quality education, To provide them with the ideal environment in which to learn, when they're not fighting with equipment or supplies. Now, they will handle the top of the line of everything. As a result, we will produce better people. - Dr. Barzilay

Lead Donors

A debt of gratitude is extended to five dedicated alumni, who, when plans for the project were announced, each pledged $100,000. They are Drs.). Antonio Bello (Prostho '84), Izchak Barzilay (Prostho '86, MS '91 ), Mariane Bafile (GenDen '85, Prostho '87) and Harry Rosenstein (Prostho '85), Evangelos Rossopou los (GenDen '82, Prostho '84).

Building on our reputation

Special guests at the facility opening in 2014 included Dr. Jane D. Brewer, whose father Dr. Allen A. Brewer, widely recognized for his research and leadership in the field, was the first chair of the EIOH Prosthodontics Program beginning in 1968. Over the following 10 years, Dr. Brewer built the prosthodontic program to the prominence it enjoys today.

Dr. Brewer passed away in 1987, but his enthusiasm for education, research and the profession lives on through generations of students and colleagues who were influenced by him both professionally and personally.

"The Brewer Family is so proud of the legacy our father left, and to have witnessed its growth into what the Eastman Prosthodontic Family is today," Dr. Jane Brewer said. "What a spectacular clinic it has produced, in which to continue its tradition of excellent training! What resident or professor would nor be thrilled to provide patient care in this facility? From its humble but strong roots, this postgraduate program has achieved international stature and is recognized for its significant contributions to prosthodontics."