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Pregnancy & Infant Dentistry

Oral Health During Pregnancy

Three pregnant women smiling at cameraDental treatment is safe and important for pregnant women! In fact, oral health issues are common during pregnancy. If not addressed, they can negatively affect the baby, with possible premature birth and/or low birth weight. 

  • Increase in hormones can cause gum inflammation, or gingivitis (70% of pregnant women experience gingivitis.
  • Morning sickness with vomiting can increase risk of enamel erosion
  • Increase sugar intake can cause cavities
  • Pregnant women tend to have a stronger gag reflux which can make brushing teeth unpleasant.

    Call Eastman Dental Pregnancy & Infant Dental Clinic at 585-276-5532 to make an appointment.
    Physicians and other Healthcare providers - please fill out this referral form and fax to 585-341-6966. 

Dr. Jin XiaoDr. Jin Xiao and her team are leading experts in treating pregnant women. She's been awarded multi-million dollar grants to study the connection between mom's oral health and her children's. She's been recognized for her innovation to address the problem of severe tooth decay among women and children, especially those in underserved communities. Read more here:

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