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About the Program

Built upon the strong foundation of the University of Rochester Medical Center, the Critical Care Fellowship has a long track record of academic excellence, maintaining continuous accreditation from the ACGME since its inception in 1992.

Our Mission

The University of Rochester Critical Care Fellowship serves seriously ill patients and their families by developing talented internists and emergency physicians into clinically excellent intensivists who deliver compassionate, high-quality treatment at the bedside and who improve the health care system as educators, administrators, or researchers.

Our Aims

  • Recognizing that many programs offer combined pulmonary and critical care training, we recruit highly qualified candidates who are interested in critical care independent of pulmonary medicine.
  • We combine clinical experiences and didactic sessions to prepare fellows to provide high-quality, evidence-based treatment to any critically ill patient with a primary diagnosis within internal medicine or general surgery.
  • We leverage our relationships with our colleagues in cardiac, surgical, trauma, and neurology critical care to ensure fellows become proficient in treating conditions frequently encountered in these specialty ICUs.
  • We combine opportunities in a university-based, tertiary care referral center and a moderate-sized community hospital so that our graduates will be comfortable practicing in any setting.
  • We engage fellows in scholarly activities so they graduate capable of improving the care of critically ill patients at a systems level through teaching, quality improvement, and/or research initiatives.

Alumni Perspectives

"To be most effective you need to understand your role in the system ... I learned how the ICU and intensivist service interacts with and supports the rest of the hospital system at both a large tertiary academic medical center as well as at the smaller referral community hospitals ... This experience was invaluable and informs how I interact with staff, colleagues, other departments, and administrators."

Robert Loflin, M.D.

Robert Loflin, MD
Class of 2017

"If I had to do it over again, without a doubt I would choose University of Rochester. What you will find at University of Rochester is truly medicine of highest order – learn it, provide it, and teach it. That in conjunction with excellent mentorship – faculty that make you feel like you are part of the U of R family and continue to support you throughout your career – is something truly unique."

Nasim Motayar, M.D.

Nasim Motayar, MD
Class of 2019

"Strong Memorial Hospital is truly a quaternary care center where critical care for the region converges. As a critical care medicine fellow, you are the leader of a team directing the resuscitation and treatment of the hospital's sickest patients. Fellowship here will prepare you for independent practice and multi-disciplinary management of any patient that comes through the hospital door."

Michelle Winchell, D.O.

Michelle Winchell, DO
Class of 2020