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Fellow Life

A Day in My Life

(First Year PCCM Fellow)

5:45 am

Alarm’s ringing and I’m up! Grind coffee (Canaltown Roasters is my saving grace...)

5:10 am

On the road. Ten minute commute sometimes feels short

6:30 am

rounds for the MICU. The night team admits 7!

7:00 am

Supervise the R2 doing a line on one of the admits. Success on first stick! Run around and put a bunch of people on Pressure Support. Puzzle over some unknowns.

8:00 am

City Wide conference. My co-fellow presents a great case of Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis (say that three times fast).

9:00 am

MICU Rounds. I manage to do lots of bedside teaching while my attending finishes her documentation. Mid-rounds I intubate (grade III airway!) with my attending on standby. Touch base with some families.

12:30 pm


1:30 pm

Our COPD patient develops a tension pneumothorax. Place my first chest tube! Teach residents afterwards about chest tube management

3:00 pm

Staff some admissions with the R2. Puzzle over some conundrums. Talk to our consultants and make a plan. Review RRT case with the APP. Put out some more fires.

4:00 pm

Weekly critical care teaching. Great ARDS update... must read that paper he referenced.

5:00 pm

Evening walk rounds. Check in with nurses, follow-up on consultants recc’s, make sure folks are settled in for the night.

6:30 pm

Sign out to the night team. Glad I don’t have to take home pager call!

7:30 pm

Eat, run, relax, and bed.

Benjamin Hanson, MD
Class of 2022

Benjamin Hanson, MD

Residency / University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry
Hometown / Cincinnati, OH

The best part of being a fellow at URMC is the camaraderie among my co-fellows both in the hospital and outside of work. Equally special is the relationship between fellows and the PCCM faculty who are clearly and completely invested in our education and training.

I sought a fellowship program that offered supported autonomy in clinical decision making and substantial procedural exposure. This program has exceeded my expectations in both of these areas.