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Fellows rounding on Pulmonary unit with Paul Levy, MD

Our application is open Mid-August through End of October

Education / Graduate Medical Education / Prospective Fellows / Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine

Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine

Why Choose Our Program?

Our program would meet the criteria of even the most discerning Goldilocks: We are large enough to offer a broad array of clinical and research training, while small enough to make certain every member of the PCCM family has a voice. With over 3,000 admissions yearly in the MICU alone, expert faculty eager to be your guide in all aspects pulmonary, and a dedicated 12+ months for research, you will be able to navigate any future path you choose. Our fellowship philosophy is to ensure that we place each trainee in the best possible position to succeed at achieving their goals.

  • Our division embodies all that is best in medical education, including a robust curriculum and ample opportunities for fellows to develop their own teaching skills
  • Our faculty mentors include internationally recognized experts who embrace cross-discipline collaboration
  • Our Pulmonary T32 Training Grant is available to support research-oriented fellows

Welcome from the Program Director

Our Program by the Numbers


Total Fellows


Positions per year

3000 +

MICU Admissions

100 +

Intubations during training

At a Glance

Dr. Petronaci consults with fellow Julia West

Flexible Curriculum

There is flexibility in the program, and it is not uncommon for fellows to tailor tracks to fit their needs during training as their learning objectives and career goals evolve.

Dr. Kottman works with fellow Kyle Long

Mentor Relationships

Our fellows most commonly reference the personal relationships and valuable mentoring they receive as one of the top reasons why they would recommend URMC.

Fellow Samantha Baah reviews a case

Life of a URMC Fellow

Our emphasis on work/life balance is an important reason fellows choose URMC. A focus on trainees' well-being enables you to learn and thrive in Rochester.

Take a Tour with Aleks, Christina and Samantha

What Our Fellows are Saying

Christina Bach, MD

“One of the biggest things that our program allows us to do is to truly form a training that caters to your interests and needs. Don’t plan on a career in research? You can tailor your elective time to do more clinical rotations, focusing on areas you feel you need to work on or areas you are most interested in. If you are interested in research, there are plenty of opportunities with AMAZING faculty mentors.

If you aren’t sure, well, there’s support to help get you where you need to go.”

Christina Bach, MD

Residency / University of Buffalo
Hometown / Fountain Valley, CA

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