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Chinenyenwa Usoh

Chinenyenwa UsohWhy did you choose Endocrinology?

I became interested in endocrinology during medical school.  The material was very logical and meshed well with how my mind works.  Throughout residency I continued to like the subject matter of endocrinology and saw it affected many of my patients, especially diabetes.  So I came to conclusion that I could make the most impact on lives by becoming an endocrinologist.

What is unique about the program?

The most unique thing about the program are the people.  Everyone, from the front desk staff to NPs to attendings, are focused on delivering great patient care.  Everyone is also very approachable and supportive to help you achieve your goals. 

How would you recommend the program to others? 

I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to leave fellowship with a strong foundation in basic and clinical endocrinology.  I believe the fellowship program practices evidence based medicine with a focus on understanding why we practice endocrinology the way we do.  This is also a great program for anyone interested in pursuing a career in research.

What have you learned in your time here?

It is hard to say in just a few sentences.  I've become more confident in my skills as a clinician and I've learned to be a better communicator.  The field of endocrinology can be complex and requires a significant knowledge base.  So to be able to convey to a patient why a diagnosis matters is very important.

What do you like about living in Rochester?

Rochester has something for everyone.  There are plenty of outdoor activities including hiking, biking, and running.  When it gets cold there is skiing within a thirty minute drive.  We also have the Eastman School of Music, Rochester Broadway Theater League, museums, opera, ect for the art lover.

What are your research interests?

My research involves diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  We are specifically looking at changes in insulin sensitivity after LVAD implant in those with end-stage heart failure.

What are your career goals?

My goal is to be an academic endocrinologist incorporating clinical research and direct patient care.