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Luis F. Chavez, MD

Luis F. Chavez, M.D.Why Did You Choose Endocrinology

Since I was in medical school, I took endocrine as my vocation. I realized that this type of subspecialty deals with focusing on a variety of pathologies that really makes you investigate to see what specific issues your patient is facing. You have to think deeper, taking everything into consideration. It’s a very challenging field and every day you have to keep yourself up to date. This is a field that is evolving, with new drugs and new technology for diabetes, for odd medical conditions. So it is fascinating.

What Is Unique About The Program

Unique to this program is the teaching versus learning environment. The attending physicians are highly recognized both locally and internationally, and their primary concern is teaching, which is very good.  While you know that you have autonomy you also know that you’re not by yourself: you always have a backup.  The attendings are always there for you and make time for you when it’s needed as well as being very approachable. The commitment from the attending physicians was one of the things that stood out in my interview.

What Have You Learned In Your Time Here

I have learned that it is important to be up to date with the technology that I didn’t know before I came here, specifically insulin pumps and sensors.  Because my residency background was in a community hospital, experiencing all of this diabetes technology was very new.

I found it to be a great opportunity to learn because this is what I will be doing once I complete my fellowship. It is very important to know that your training has prepared you for what is going to happen after your fellowship and that you can be confident that you’ve been given the training and skills to go out on your own and do the right thing.  I feel this program prepares you for the future and that is why I chose it.

What Do You Like About Living In Rochester

I live in Victor, NY, a quiet, gated community where I am able to send my children to a great local school.  No matter where I go here, I find that the people are great, whether it’s in the hospital or the mall, people are very nice and always willing to help.  In addition to my children’s education, I also considered Rochester because of its great environment.

What Are Your Research Interests

For the first year of the fellowship, we focus on clinical and don’t do research. Research will take place in the 2nd and 3rd years. My project for 2nd year research is going to be focused on patients with diabetes who have LVAD (Left Ventricle Assistive Device). We have seen that these patients show improvement in their diabetes following LVAD. My third year focus will be in diabetes.

What Are Your Career Goals

When I finish my training I would like to stay in an academic environment. I would like to become a faculty member. That’s my plan that I hope to achieve.