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Miriam Ahmad, MBBS

Miriam Ahmad, MBBSWhy Did You Choose Endocrinology

I chose endocrinology because I like the detective work.  I like being able to investigate and figure out the underlying cause of a patient’s disorder.

What Is Unique About The Program

I think the uniqueness of our program is the Pituitary Multidisciplinary clinic. It’s a great clinic where one is able to see the rare or common pituitary cases. You have the opportunity to review MRIs with the neurosurgeon and discuss the case with them. You learn a lot in this clinic.

Also, I would say our attending’s make this program unique. They are always available with open doors, no matter what time it is, they are always here to talk and answer our questions and concerns.

How Would You Recommend The Program

The program gives you great exposure to both the clinical side and research. Clinical research is a little restricted as most of our attendings don’t do clinical research, but one does have a good opportunity to do basic research.  However, the attendings are still open if you are interested in clinical research and will work with you to help set it up.

At University of Rochester, you get to see a variety of endocrine disorders as well as the bread and butter.  It is nice to see these rare cases, because once you see it, it’s committed to memory.

What Have You Learned In Your Time Here

In my time here I have gotten a better hand on managing my own patients. I have learned more about insulin pumps, which I had never been exposed to during my residency.  I have also gained more knowledge about endocrine disorders not only through patient care, but the conferences as well.

What Do You Like About Living In Rochester

Rochester is a great little town. It’s a great place to be during the summer/winter. There are a lot of outdoor activities that one can do. Also, we are not too far from Canada and one can make a day trip or a weekend trip out there.

What Are Your Research Interests

My research interest is thyroid. I am currently working on a retrospective chart review, looking at the prevalence of indeterminate thyroid nodules at our institution.  This is to help us assess what the rates at our institution are compared to others and how if incorporating molecular genetic testing would help reduce the number of unnecessary surgeries for these patients.

What Are Your Career Goals

I am staying on for a third year as chief fellow and completing my research.