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Salman Azim, M.D.

Salman Azim, MD

  • Medical School - University of Debrecen Medical School and Health Science Centre
  • Residency - Capital Health Regional Medical Center - Internal Medicine

Why Did You Choose Endocrinology?

I chose Endocrinology after being inspired by one of my professors, Dr. George Paragh, back in medical school during my endocrinology clinical rotation. Dr. Paragh encouraged me to consider endocrinology in a whole new light. I was fascinated with how each endocrinology case required me to act like a detective and examine all clues to come to a conclusion. I learned that a case that seemed simple to the naked eye was so much more complex once I dove in deeper. The various hormones in the Endocrine system and how they worked together almost as mechanism intrigued me.

Why Did You Choose The University of Rochester?

The University of Rochester seemed to contain a calm and peaceful learning assignment in which an individual could expand their knowledge. I attended Dr. Stephen Hammes’ lecture and instantly felt immersed in the topic and how he explained it. The lecture reminded me of my years in medical school and I liked how each concept was thoroughly explained. I came to the decision that I was not going to find any other program with the qualities I was looking for.

What Is Unique About The Program?

What I find unique about the program is how an individual is given exposure to each of the areas of endocrinology and all concepts are taught thoroughly. There are also a lot of good research opportunities that include basic sciences and clinical. The faculty is always willing to help and support research projects. There is an open door policy where an individual may feel free to obtain guidance from any faculty member without the formalities.

What Do You Like About Living in Rochester?

What I like about Rochester is how similar it is to Boston which is where I grew up. I also like various landmarks such as the Erie Canal. It’s very refreshing to take a walk along the Canal with family after a long week. The people of Rochester are very accepting and friendly as well.

What Are Your Research Interests And Current Projects?

My research interest lies in diabetes which includes newer medications and technology. New technology has revolutionized treatment for type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Currently I’m working on a project that researches the impact of antidepressant medications on glycemic control in our diabetes clinic population.

What Are Your Career Goals?

I’d like to practice in both inpatient and outpatient endocrinology so that I can get a combination of both aspects. I’d also like to retain an academic portion of endocrinology since I enjoy teaching medical students and residents.

How Would You Recommend The Program To Others?

I’d recommend this program to those who are interested in not only clinical training but also research. The program is very accepting and nurses a great learning environment for those who are looking for an expanse in their knowledge of endocrinology.