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Shehza Khan, DO

Shehza KhanWhy Did You Choose Endocrinology

Endocrinology is fun and a bit like math, which I love.  You take a history of patient symptoms to determine which hormone may be low or high, and then run the equation by checking labs!

What Is Unique About The Program

We have a great continuity clinic in which the patients are completely ours to diagnose and follow.  Additionally, we see diabetes and general endocrine on separate days to ensure that we see a wide variety of pathology. 

How Would You Recommend The Program

This is a great, rigorous program and I have learned so much.  I feel confident moving on to being an attending. 

What Have You Learned In Your Time Here

How to take care of people with endocrine diseases, of course! Especially the nuances of caring for patients with diabetes.

What Do You Like About Living In Rochester

There is a lot to do for someone with a family.  I have two little kids and they love going to the Strong Museum of Play in the city.

Also, there is a larger Muslim community here than I thought, which is a plus for me because I am Muslim.  The Islamic Center of Rochester on Westfall Rd is very nice and hosts dinners during the month of Ramadan.

What Are Your Research Interests

Right now I am working on the diabetes transition program for young adults in the pediatric department to the adult department. In our institution there hasn’t been a formal transition process.  In 2014, this was created using the "Got Transition" program and has improved the process in addition to increasing the amount of tracked referrals to the adult Endocrine division.  In that time, however, about 70% of the patients that were eligible for referral were not referred internally, so I am looking back to see if there are any factors that influenced this.

What Are Your Career Goals

I am looking to have a good work/life balance  - essentially to have the best of both worlds!