Program Overview

Forensic Pathology StockThe Monroe County Office of the Medical Examiner (MCOME) in conjunction with the University of Rochester Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine offers a one-year long ACGME accredited fellowship program in Forensic Pathology. 

The MCOME, located in Rochester, NY, serves all of Monroe County as well as 11 surrounding counties, covering cities and towns, rivers, lakes, national parks, farms, and hunting areas. 

This allows for a unique variety of both rural and urban cases:

  • over 4000 death investigations
  • over 1200 autopsies a year
  • including roughly 80-90 homicides annually. 

The MCOME team includes: 

  • 4 full-time, board-certified forensic pathologists
  • 24 forensic toxicologists, medical death investigators and autopsy technicians. 

The office also has a case manager, a forensic transcriptionist, and other administrative support staff to assist with a smooth transition and productive working environment.  A full range of consultative services including neuropathology, forensic odontology, and anthropology are available.

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