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Eugene Muchnik

  • Medical School: Rutgers- New Jersey Medical School
  • Residency: URMC- Strong Memorial Hospital

Why Did You Choose Your Field

Hematology/Oncology allows you to utilize all your skills as an internist to help patients going through, arguably, the most difficult diagnosis and treatment. Oncology remains the most dynamic field of medicine with rapid evolution in treatment paradigms and rapid adaptation by clinicians of new therapeutics from bench to bedside. Oncology allows immensely gratifying connections with patients and families in the most vulnerable period of their lives

Program Uniqueness

URMC-Wilmot Cancer Center Oncology/Hematology program emphasizes the prominent role of outpatient medicine in caring for cancer patients/ they allow for immersion into the oncology clinic within your first year of training. The fellowship focus is on education rather than onerous service. They highlight the fellow quality of life with ample time for self-learning and self-reading in this expansive and ever-changing field of medicine while providing oversight by renowned faculty and clinician-researchers.

Program Recommendation

A program that focus on education and fellow well being

Learned Skills

How to compassionately care for complex oncologic patients while being able to meticulously scrutinize the latest oncologic literature to ensure patients are getting the highest quality of care

Living In Rochester

Friendly people in general and health-care staff in particular. User-friendly city with easy commute and excellent restaurants. Access to numerous lakes, wine country and the canal path to allow for plenty of outdoor activities from water-skiing in the summer to alpine skiing in the winter. Close proximity to major cities

Research Interests

Immunotherapy and toxicity in the geriatric population

Research Projects

Retrospective chart review of non-small cell lung cancer patients >70 years old who were treated with checkpoint inhibitors and their outcomes in terms of number of treatment cycles that they obtained and the toxicity they experienced while on therapy

Career Goals

General Hematology and Oncology practice in underserved regions

How Has This Program Prepared You For Your Future

Provided an expansive first class exposure to all the branches of Hematology and Oncology care