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Thomas Rodgers

Why Did You Choose Your Field

During my training in internal medicine, I found that I left work most fulfilled after meaningful patient interactions. After several experiences in oncology, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in cancer care. I discovered that I could foster a meaningful patient-provider relationship with the additional of cutting edge research and science. I can’t think of another specialty with the same volume of expanding therapies and clinical knowledge.  It’s exciting to think that while I guide my patients through their journey with cancer, that I will also be able to offer them newly developed novel therapies.

Program Uniqueness

While there are several unique aspects to the training program, I believe that the most notable are a supportive faculty and strong emphasis on communication and collaboration. Available research opportunities provide a great example of this collaboration with basic science, clinical trials, and other departments such as palliative care and geriatrics.

Program Recommendation

A hematology/oncology fellowship here at URMC offers a rigorous education with great research opportunities. All of this is delivered by incredibly support staff and faculty.

Living In Rochester

Rochester is an excellent city as it combines a small town feel with many functions of a larger city. The cost of living is low, there is a great restaurant scene, and many outdoor activity such as the Finger Lakes, are just a short drive away.

Research Interests

Currently I am interested in lymphoma with an emphasis on novel/emerging therapies. I also continue to be focused on a career in medical education, namely evaluating how trainees determine their career specialty and the delivery of medical oncology training at the resident/fellow level.

Research Projects

My current research projects include reviewing and investigating novel therapies in lymphoma and a qualitative/quantitative analysis of professional identity formation in medicine. 

Career Goals

While it is still early in my training, I am currently interested in a career in academic oncology.

How Has This Program Prepared You For Your Future

This is a challenging question as I have not yet completed my first year.